Starting today, I will post a weekly collection of some of the useful and fun links/tools/good reads that I have come across over the week. I will try my best to make this a regular thing, and post it on every weekend.

  • : sends a wake-up call to your phone at a time set by you. And it does it for free, no matter where you are (Free for Nepal as well). Free version has some limitations like you cannot change the default voice or message. But, if you are just looking for a wake up call, free version is more than enough. Select your country, enter your phone number and set a time to receive the wake up call. You will immediately receive an SMS letting you know of the scheduled wake up call. You can either stop the scheduled call from the site itself, or by sending a reply to the SMS.
  • Shush! : Shush! is an Android app that does a very simple thing – it silences your phone for a fixed period of time. To run the app, you just have to keep on pressing the volume-down key on your phone until it is in silent mode. Once you have done that, Shush!’s options will appear. You can then select for how long you want the mobile to remain silent. You can also turn the notification sound off/on by opening the app. It’s pretty useful when you don’t want to be disturbed for a while eg. when you go to bed, when you  go to the cinema, when you are on a meeting etc.
  • SHADOW | Community of Dreamers : SHADOW is a mobile app that will help you remember and record your dreams. It is not available as of yet, and is currently being kickstarted. But, the idea does seem interesting. Check out this video to learn more about it.
  • NoiseTrade : NoiseTrade is a site where you can discover new artists and download their songs for free – in exchange for your email or postal code. You can support new artists (even if you’ve downloaded their songs for free), by providing them with your email so that they can contact you to update you about new album releases, or let you know about a concert happening nearby. Artists can build their fan email lists and also get paid, if the fan wishes to contribute some money anyway.
  • Echoes Media Center : Echoes is an online media player based on YouTube with a focus on user experience. It is mainly suitable for YouTube listening purpose. You need to login to YouTube and join the HTML5 trial before using it.
  • : Dictanote is an online text editor with built-in speech recognition. It supports Chrome browser only.
  • Lumi : Lumi is a webapp that uses your browsing history to make personalised suggestions to you. You have to register on the site and then install an addon upon which the site will create a personal selection of what’s happening online based on your browsing interest.
  • RunPee (Paid): The RunPee app lets you know the best times to run and pee during a movie without missing anything. It also lets you know if there’s anything after or during the end-credits of a movie. There’s a movie critic working for the app, which means that since the critic gets access to movie screenings before a public release, the app will be updated in a timely fashion. The developers have also mentioned that they themselves will also watch the first showing whenever they can. If you are a movie buff, you should strongly consider installing this app before you go to the movies next time.

That’s it for this week!