VLC media player is most probably the best free media player. So, whether you are on Windows or Linux, it’s always good to have it installed on your computer as it supports lots of file formats than the rest of the media players. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to install VLC media player in Kubuntu 11.10.


First of all, click on the Kickoff Application Launcher. It is the Kubuntu equivalent of Windows’ Start button. Yep, the “K” sign on the left bottom. Now, click on Applications > System > Package Manager.

On the Package Manager, type VLC. You’ll now get a list of items as shown in the image below.

Just select the result on the top – vlc. Right click on it, then select Mark for installation. After that, click on the Apply Changes button that is just below the Help menu. Wait for a while, it should prompt you for a password, enter the administrative password and you should now see something like this :

The package manager is currently downloading all the dependencies of VLC media player. So, just leave it until it completes downloading the file. After the file is completely downloaded, you’ll see something similar to this :

Wait till it reaches 100%. This installation window will automatically close and you should be able to use VLC .

Check whether the VLC has been installed or not. Click on the K button and go to Applications > Multimedia. If the program is successfully installed then you should see VLC Media Player on the list.

Congrats! You have successfully installed VLC media player on your Kubuntu. You can now play any videos/music files.