PayPal, the most popular online payment processor, can be used by Nepalese but only for the purpose of sending money. A Nepali PayPal account cannot be used to receive money. We had talked about creating a PayPal of another country and withdrawing the money in Nepal earlier . On this post, however, we’re going to explain to you how you can verify a Nepali PayPal account which can only be used to send payments.

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A verified Nepali PayPal account is helpful when you need to make payments on sites that accept verified PayPals only. Besides, you will have no fear of getting it limited. Its always good to verify a Nepali PayPal account, who knows when you might need it.

First of all, you’ll need to get yourself an international credit/debit card. Some of the banks in Nepal provide international cards to Nepalese, but the rules and requirements to obtain one makes it almost impossible for a normal citizen to get it. The requirements are more suitable to a businessman.

Therefore, I have used a Payoneer MasterCard to verify my Nepali PayPal. Here is how you can verify your PayPal with a Payoneer MasterCard. (Make sure you have at least $2 on your Payoneer account before you proceed.)

  • Register on PayPal. (selecting Nepal as your country.)
  • Go to Profile > Add/Edit Credit Card.
  • When you are asked information about your card, put the details of your Payoneer MasterCard.
  • Click on Add Card.
  • Click on the confirm card link.


  • Click on Continue. Your card will be charged about $2 and if you check the statement, you will see unique 4 digits on the transaction. The $2 will be refunded to your mastercard once the verification is complete.
  • Check your Payoneer Interface, you will see the unique four digits there (see the image).  Remember the digits.

PayPal verification code

  • Go to PayPal and Click on “confirm card” link on the right pane.
  • Enter the four digits that you saw on Payoneer’s interface and click on Confirm card.
  • Your account has now been verified and can be used to send payments from your Payoneer MasterCard.


As mentioned earlier, although the PayPal  is verified, we can only send payments. It might come to use at some point. Note that, you cannot load your Payoneer MasterCard from Nepali banks and cards, so you need to be someone who makes money online, in order to use this PayPal.