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Turning LinkedIn Contacts to Leads

Most of the small to medium scale businesses find it difficult to create and manage a full-fledged social media marketing campaign. As a start-up, most of us are busy looking into the day-to-day functioning of our business, employee issues, salaries and deliverables. Devoting enough time, resources or energy into creating a good social media marketing campaign becomes very difficult. But these days, majority of small to medium scale businesses are using LinkedIn to improve the reach of their businesses.

The main reason for the sudden popularity of LinkedIn is the ease with which it allows you to connect with professionals, the ability to launch new products and build brand awareness about your business. But just because everyone seems to have jumped into the LinkedIn bandwagon, it doesn’t mean you need to too. A large number of people have their presence in LinkedIn but they are not sure of what to do once they set up profile. They let their contacts fizz out either because they don’t have time or because they are not sure of what to do with all the options available in LinkedIn. But here are few ways in which you can use LinkedIn contacts to generate leads.

  • LinkedIn Groups:

You should join as many groups as possible. You would, most probably, join groups that are relevant to your business. But the point here is to join a few ‘outside your niche’ industry groups as well. This way you will not only be relevant to your industry but you’ll also be able to expand the reach of your business.  You’ll be able to expand on your existing contacts and convert these contacts into prospective leads.

  • LinkedIn Answers:

This is probably the least acknowledged LinkedIn tools. When using LinkedIn, you will come across a number of people looking for answers to some of their questions. They, undoubtedly, are looking for expert advice and information. If you are able to provide them with relevant and useful information that serves their purpose, you might convert these contacts into strong leads. Remember, some of the people who are asking you questions may well become your customers one day.

  • LinkedIn People:

Getting the right connections is not an easy task in any business environment. But once you do manage to get your foot in the door, it may seem like a cakewalk. LinkedIn helps you leap across the first hurdle. If you are looking for leads in a large corporation, you have to simply search for your target company in LinkedIn search bar. Once you click on the company you are looking for, two boxes will be displayed. One box will contain the name of your first contact in the target company (that is if you already have a contact), and then it will display the name of your second connection. If you don’t have any contacts, a list of people who work in LinkedIn will be displayed. This way you can easily get in touch with the people in the target company.

  • LinkedIn Mobile:

LinkedIn comes with a mobile application too. This application makes it easier for people to transfer your business information within a matter of seconds. By transferring your contact information from your mobile to the other you are simply building your network of connections at every opportunity you get.

While these were some of the most popular techniques of turning LinkedIn contacts into leads, there are many other methods that are useful too. Starting conversations, asking questions and regularly updating your status are also few other useful tips for lead generation using LinkedIn.

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