Google has recently introduced Hangouts which replaces the old Google Chat. The new hangouts does not yet provide an option to turn off sound notifications.

Here is how you can turn off sound notifications in the Google Hangout web interface. Take into account that these methods only turn off sound notification in the web interface, not in the Hangouts Chrome Extension. This is a temporary fix. Since lots of users have submitted requests regarding the feature, Google should be introducing it s0on.

Google Chrome.

Adblock Plus for Google Chrome

  • Select Options.
  • Go to Add your own filters.
  • Copy-Paste the text below and press on Add filter.

  • Restart your browser.

Mozilla Firefox.

Adblock Plus for Mozilla

  • Go to Custom Filters.
  • Click on Add filter group.
  • Click on Actions > Show hide filters.
  • Click on Add filter and paste the following text.

Custom Filter on Adblock Plus

  • Restart your browser.

What about Google Hangouts extension?

Unfortunately, Adblock cannot block extensions from accessing the sound file URL. So, all that you can do is install some kind of URL filtering software on your computer and block the url of the sound file. That way, any application that tries to open the URL should not be able to do so.