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Torrific Alternatives - How to direct download Torrents?

Earlier I had posted about which allowed users to direct download torrents through HTTP. Now that the site is down, many people are looking for Torrific alternatives. After weeks of searching, I have found two good alternatives to the site. One thing you need to keep in mind is that these are in no way as good as Torrific but they do seem to serve the common motive - Torrent  over HTTP.  If you remember torrific or had been a member of it, then you know that premium membership was of no use at Torrific; users could get lots of files and the restriction regarding speed and storage of files was very less. But, these sites I am going to tell you about have quite a restriction regarding free downloads. Don't get me wrong, you can get files without having to buy the premium membership, but you might not find the 'free service' good enough compared to Torrific's.

BitPort is a new service that allows you to download torrents directly to cloud. When the download is complete, you can either stream it online, or download it to your computer. The free plan allows a maximum download rate of 100 MB/hour, 2 GB maximum file size and 2 GB storage capacity. The premium plans are better, starting with just $5 / month, and include unlimited download speed, 250 + GB of storage, HTTPS downloads, and virus check. With, you can download the files via FTP as well.




A good alternative to torrific. The speed varies anywhere between 50-150 kbps according to the server load. Files may be stored for a week or longer.

Update : ZBigZ has changed the layout of the site and also, limited the number of torrents for free users to two, meaning you can only leave two torrent links at a time on the site.


Free users are allowed a storage of 1 Gb and only 5 torrent downloads. Torrents are available for one day only. If you'd like to buy a plan, you can make payment through BitCoins.


It is a relatively new site still in its beta stage. You can register on the site with your Facebook, Twitter, or Dropbox account. If you don't want to login with those accounts, you'll require an invitation code. Since the site is in beta, there's no limitation as to how much you can download (however there is a file size limitation of 2 Gb/torrent) or how much bandwidth you can consume. However, you have to download the file to your computer within 24 hours after the torrent is transferred to the server. The site removes files within 24 hours whether or not you copy them to your computer.


We are going to use a trick to make the speed faster and the down-load resume-able. If you do not use the method mentioned here, you won't be able to resume and the speed will also be very limited. Furk.Net has a limitation - you can only get files of about 700 Mb, after that you'll be asked to buy premium membership. Though they say they have no limitation of the file size, they limit you while you download the file as  a free user. However, it's worth it if you are going to download files/movies of small size.

You need to register on the site with your Facebook account.

Go to My Files and then to Add. Now, either put a link to the torrent file you want to get or just upload the .torrent file if you have it on your computer.

Don't forget to put a tick mark on the option button "Send e-mail when finished".  Click on Add torrent.

Wait for a while and you should receive a notification by email after the file is available for direct download. If the file has already been transferred by someone else earlier, you won't need to wait.

Once you are on the page shown above, click on the Play button and a file will be downloaded to your computer immediately. Open that file with Notepad.

If you see the texts on notepad properly, you'll notice  <location> tagThe link between the <location> </location> tag represents where your file is. (For ex. you might see <location>http://blabla.blabla/video.mp4</location>) So just copy the texts in between <location> </location> and either open it on your browser or paste it on your download manager. It should start without any speed limitation and full resume capability.



A free account on ByteBX is entitled to storage of upto 2.5 gb and the the files are kept for five days only. Free users can only get one simultaneous download at a time with a speed restriction of 100 Kbps. You can however, earn premium credits for referring your friends.

FileStream is a site that recently came into existence. I learned about it from one of the comments below. They provide paid as well as free services. Free accounts are entitled to :

  • 10 GB of Unlimited d/l per month
  • 3 days of life for  files
  • 5 GB limit for a single torrent
  • 2 simultaneous torrent
  • Internal file sharing - NO
  • ADs in member's area - YES

You can either download the file or stream it online. But, in order to resume, you have to get file one by one, instead of zipping a whole folder and downloading it. Also, the site creates unique link for each IP addresses. So, if your IP address changes, your download will also stop. In that case, you will have to login to the site, click on Download button, copy the new link and replace the old link. Therefore, I would recommend you to use download managers (IDM, Orbit) that allow you to replace the download link.

PUT.iO (Does not provide free accounts anymore)

PUT.iO - Direct download Torrents for free

The best alternative to Torrific. No bandwidth limit and lots of other features for free! Click on the link above to read a detailed guide about the site.

Update : has filled up to it's capacity. It is not accepting any more registrations for free plan. However, you can leave your email on Put.iO and it will notify you whenever the free plan returns.



What's your favorite site among them all? Also, is there any other sites that you know of that offer free download of torrents via http? Please put your answer on the comment section below.

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  1. How can I download torrents to the cloud?...

    There are various sites that offer such services. I don't know if they store it in a cloud but they do transfer the download directly to their server before letting you download it from them. Hence, when you wish to download the file, you'll be able ...

  2. pratheesh pratheesh is not free now!!!

    • Sk Nepal Sk Nepal

      It is free, I just checked. But the exploit no longer works. Updated the blog with new exploit to bypass the limitation.

      • seeme seeme

        how to bypass furk?

      • michaelbr michaelbr

        I went to your blog but couldn't find the post you mentioned, could you please send me a link?


        • This IS the post. Look at the end of the above post. You can use that method to bypass's speed as well as resume capability limitation. But, the overall bandwidth limitation still exists.

          • michaelbr michaelbr

            Thanks for your reply, I didn't see that one, very interesting!!!!

          • michaelbr michaelbr

            Sorry to bother you again, where's the extension and location of the file? I couldn't find it. :-(

          • On Furk.Net, right click on the Play button, click on Save link as and then click Save. Now open the file you just saved with Notepad (Right click on the file > Open with.. > Notepad). Once the file is opened on Notepad, search for < location > (Press Ctrl+F to search). The link between the location tag is the download link of your file. Open it in your browser/download manager. See the picture below. Download Link

          • michaelbr michaelbr

            Thanks so much for your prompt reply, I'll give it a try. Happy New Year!!!

          • edecnarf edecnarf

            Thanks admin! :)

  3. chanidu chanidu

    i tried that abve i couldn't download my 10GB trnt can u plzz tell me another websites fir dwnld trnt file frm idm.........

    • Hi Chanidu, unfortunately, none of the sites that I'm aware of allow free users to download torrent of 10 Gb. ZbigZ is the only one allowing users to download files of 8 Gb, others have file size limitation of even less than that. Sorry.

      • Ashi Ashi

        I have downloaded files of 32 GB size with Zbigz. Its awesome if you have a premium .

  4. Waqas Waqas did the trick for me. Thanks a bunch!

  5. Manoj Manoj

    how can i download over 8GB????????

    • Sorry, none of the sites above allow you to download files over 8 Gb for free.

  6. If you're looking for a reliable Torrent client, you have to check out a thing that's called Torch Browser. It looks like chrome but has a built-in torrent client that works super fast. I even made a tutorial about it on YouTube. Good Luck!

  7. vinay vinay

    Nice info.But is best bcas it supports max file size of 5 gb,only prob is that it has ip limits.

  8. eluent eluent

    Free account on Furk : I can and successfully download huge torrents.
    Limit is 3GB/day, if your computer is on 24h/day, that gives you 36KB/s overall.. Not great.
    Best used if your computer isn't connected long to the web every day, in that case you can download very fast till you get to 3GB.

  9. eluent eluent

    Also, the trick does give you full speed, but I don't need to use it to get very high speed, any link either to a zip of all files in the torrent or of any file in the torrent works just as fast.
    What would be really sick would be a way to get over 3GB/day..

    • dechoeza dechoeza

      Create three accounts and add same torrent

    • michaelbr michaelbr

      Could you please explain better's limitation? Is it a total of 3.5GB for free users or 3.5GB for the last 7 days (week)? I downloaded about 3.5 in the last 7 days and it keeps saying that my free limit is over.


      • According to the billing section of, the limitation is of 1gb per day or 5 gb per week.

  10. Alex Alex is asking the invitation code to create new account. Could anyone give me the code? Thanks.

    • Log-in with Facebook and you won't require an invitation code.

    • mathews mathews

      6g34nt3ig, omcbigwmw, qmp5lm4xh, n8btm2wsu

  11. rax rax

    found this
    lets you download 5GB file
    ^ check it out & reply here guys

    • Doesn't seem to work. None of the links get added. And I think, it's a torrent client, not a seed box.

      • rax rax

        it was working about a week ago.
        torrent was downloading & i was able to get http download link just like
        now for some reason all torrents freezes at Pending
        seems to me that their torrent download server went down but site is still up.
        i hope it get fixed soon. mean while try reporting bug it to runbtc admin.

    • rax rax

      furk doesn't limit torrents to size anyyway.
      it only limit daily direct download bandwidth 1GB day.
      its silly to even limit torrents to size :)
      only problem with furk is they have stupid IP Limitation which forces us download files on PC T_T
      if only they remove that damned IP Limitation, we will able to Send files to Sites like Embedupload, Crocko, Mediafire, etc.
      without having to download files on PC first.

      Will someone complaint Furk to remove IP Limitations? I already did.
      If lot of people start complaining, Furk will be forced to remove IP Limitation &
      we will be able to use "Remote Upload" feature of File Hosting Sites again :)

      • ZZLBox is owned by Furk.Net. Just create an account on Furk.Net and log in to ZZLBox with the same username and password.

        • Rajesh Sahoo Rajesh Sahoo

          Actually i am loging thru my FB account on So, can i login with the same...????

          • Rajesh Sahoo Rajesh Sahoo

            Your trick is really damn OSM... Today itself i have downloaded 5 movies that comes totally to 3.5 GB... But when i am trying now now to download with ur method.... I am getting a file of 316 KB... And in description it is written that limit is over, error=free_limit_over_2...

            What to do now....????

          • You cannot login to ZZLBox with your Facebook account. Just go to your account options, and you will be able to see your username. Either, enter a new password and log in with that. Or, get a invitation code from and use it to register on ZZLBox.

            Regarding your second question, did you download 3.5 Gb of files to your computer without any problem? The method might have been patched. Try creating a new account and download the new file from that. It should work if they haven't put IP restrictions in place. Give it a try.

          • rax rax

            even if you do Login to your Furk Account with Facebook Account,
            you can still See Invite Codes in My Account, right?
            use those codes to sign up on ZZLBox :)

    • michaelbr michaelbr

      ZZLBox has the same limitation as

      • Zzlbox is owned by So, they must have same rules and restrictions.

  12. Rajesh Sahoo Rajesh Sahoo

    Yes i have downloaded 3.5 GB of files to my without encountering any problem...

    Yes i have tried creating new account on Furk... And tried with the new file and its working....

    So, you mean to say that mine old account is blocked....????

    Please go to this link.., this one of my friends account downloads from

    I am really shocked that he is having FREE but how is he downloading so much....o:O

  13. rax rax
    can anyone tell me How do i bypass IP Limitation?
    I want to Remote Upload files to &
    but i get this error instead > error=ip_changed :(
    My Download & Upload Speed is very Slow
    Downloading to PC first & then Uploading to Crocko & others will take too much time. :(
    is it possible with Proxy or something else :?

    I used to Remote Upload files by downloading .XSPF file before
    now this method no longer works :(

    so i was wondering if anyone else may have figured out another way to Bypass IP Limitation :)

  14. kimai kimai is responding that free limit is over for free users

  15. vinay vinay

    Yes, is good also transloading speed is awesome but limitations on free users.

    • sanjay sanjay

      @vinay: how did you transload using Furk download link???
      i am trying to Remote Upload on Embedupload but its not working

  16. Jasmine Jasmine

    Remote upload feature for is not working anymore, it just uploads 80kb html file. Any new and working idea or trick???

  17. Amir Amir

    Hello Subigya Nepal
    if i want to buy premium, which one do u offer me? consider that i have huge files all day.

    zbigz 1 year premium? or maybe furk lifetime? or maybe which one is better and has the high speed?

    • Hi Amir, I would recommend ZbigZ premium. ZbigZ provides unlimited bandwidth, no size limit on torrents, unlimited file storage, unlimited speed etc. Almost everything is unlimited. does provide unlimited bandwidth but has a size limitation and Furk.Net has bandwidth limitation. Also, if you are not going to transfer more than 250 gb of bandwidth per month, the lifetime plan of Furk.Net might be better, since it does seem tempting to spend money at once and get the service for lifetime. But, if you think you will spend more than 250 gb of bandwidth downloading torrents, then you should definitely go for ZbigZ premium.

      • Amir Amir

        Thanx 4 ur perfect answer ;)

  18. Numan Malik Numan Malik

    furk and zzlbox both works with one account

  19. Numan Malik Numan Malik

    how can i use the download link to remotely upload it into hosting site

  20. Navid Navid

    Fuck :@ i uploaded royal rumble 2013 in both zbigz. and they uploaded it now furk says um done with the limit but i didnt even downloaded 1 kb ! where as bullshit zbigz says Only 1 simultaneous download is available for free users. Please finish your current download and then you will be able to start the next one. i am not downloading anything ! what the hell ! :@

  21. TpJr TpJr

    Can some please tell what site to get torrents links and what site to download torrents file to my iPad? Thanks!

    • Hi, you can use sites such as or to get torrent links, and in order to download torrents, there's two way. First, if you have jailbroken your iPad you can use apps such as uTorrent and bittorrent to download the torrent. If you haven't jailbroken your iPad, you can use sites listed above (for example, Paste the torrent link there and let them download it for you. After they complete downloading their file to their server, you can then use app such as Filer to direct download the file to your iPad. Or, check out this, it seems to be the easiest way :

  22. Straga Straga

    Zbigz is the best! On Blackberry,you can download more than 1 files (each file has a speed of 50-150kbps). . .I even got to the point where I downloaded 6 files at once and I'm a free user. It'll sometimes tell you that only 1 simultaneous download can be done in free mode,but just go back and keep trying till your download starts. I don't know if this will work on pc or other phones,but it works on blackberry.

  23. Waleska Waleska

    Hi, I wonder why I have this error in in my free account for any file no matter the size: "download is too big; limit is 9.31322574615479e-10GB" what's mean this? I'm not downloading nothing and I have 0 files on furk so why is this? any help? works fine BTW, and here you have 2 invitations for furk from me :)


    • Specter-ss Specter-ss

      I have the Exact same problem

  24. bouncer bouncer this is what i have been using. Up to 10 GB free, and so far no cap on bandwidth. Low prices too if you want more.

  25. Grant Mason Grant Mason

    Stream Nation should be added here! Well, for torrenting video anyway. :D

    It's invite only and lets you torrent in the cloud. You don't actually 'get' your files, they sit in a cloud account and you stream videos from there. It's a paid service but it's super fast torrenting behind someone else's VPN!

  26. hey, Did you try new speed hack on zbigz?

  27. Noga Noga really cool service.

  28. Vikas Vikas

    just registered in tried to download a 600 mb's file but its showing 'your free limit limit is over '....evn i hvnt started yet

  29. Jessica Jessica doesn't limit total size of torrent downloads. 10 GB per month is a limitation for downloads from files sharing services such as Letitbit, Using for couple of months.

  30. msPeachy msPeachy

    Good news!

    Get 5 days 100 GB premium for FREE with unlimited download speed, unlimited torrent storage period, unlimited simultaneous torrent downloads with ByteBX, the newest and best alternative for ZBIGZ and Torrific.

    To claim your 5 days 100 GB PREMIUM for FREE, click on the link below and register:

  31. sameera sameera

    is give only 1 month free account?

    • Free account on is unlimited in time.

  32. Brandon Latchman Brandon Latchman

    so i downloaded mortal kombat 9 from furk net...wil i be able to download the whole file? its big but what i mean is if it will be there like for a long time do tell

  33. Mourne Mourne

    Oh come on guys.
    Don't tell me you're scared of putting 5 bucks in a good torrent service.. for 1-3 months.

    They are good and they work, they deserve it.

    BTW do any of you guys know what is the log policy for these services?



  34. Thank you so much. I like bytebx and filestream so much

  35. Det400 Det400

    Sadly, boxoctpus is no longer free. Have to pay now. Very sad was a good site.
    Also I have some leftover invite codes for furk. Would you like them? I don't know if they are needed since I joined before furk was more well known.

  36. gearboy gearboy

    ive been using for long
    2 GB max cloud space ( so basically 2gb is the torrent file limit)
    no file expiry
    full speed
    but torrent takes time to download to their server, they download 100 MB for 1 hr.

    • sam sam

      They have reduced the torrent limit to 1gb. So nothing special with it anymore.

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