If This Then That (IFTTT) is a relatively new web-based tool  that enables users to make tasks (“recipes”)  that automate an action on a social media network or service once associated action happens in a very separate social media network or application. In simple words, IFTTT automates totally different functions that users would commonly have to be compelled to do by themselves.

While there are thousands of “recipes” on IFTTT, I have compiled here a list of some of my personal favorites.

  • Receive SMS when someone comments on your WordPress site : This recipe works on WordPress sites and will send you an SMS every time some one comments on your site. It’s a very useful recipe if you are a webmaster. If you have any knowledge of coding or PHP, you could make the recipe work with your own custom-coded site or other CMS platform.
  • Weather Forecasting : It will SMS you everyday to let you know the current temperature and weather condition.
  • Save Instagram Photos : If you want your Instagram photos to be automatically uploaded to Dropbox, this recipe does the task for you.
  • Download Facebook tagged photos to Dropbox : Every time you are tagged on Facebook, the photo will be automatically transferred to Dropbox.
  • Sync Instagram pics to a Facebook album : Transfer your Instagram pictures to Facebook.
  • Email an URL and get it transferred to Dropbox : Email IFTTT with the File URL and Dropbox will download it for you.
  • Thank users when they mention your or Retweet : Post a tweet to thank the person who mentioned you or re-tweeted you.
  • Help me find my lost phone! : If you loose your phone, send an email and your phone will start to ring! [Only in US]
  • Tweet your Facebook status update : Your Facebook status update will also be tweeted.
  • Follow back : Automatically follow someone back, if he follows you on Twitter.
  • Gmail notification of new email : Get SMS on email based on certain search criteria. To get SMS on every new email, you can use  is:unread .
  • Backup Pinterest to Dropbox : Provide the RSS feed url of your Pinterest account and IFTTT will automatically download the images of the pins when a new item is added to the RSS feed.
  • Schedule Facebook post  : Posts can be scheduled to be published at certain times.  Create events in Google Calendar using specific keyword (ex #fbpages) and IFTTT will automatically publish the post when the calendar event occurs. Or use this for daily or weekly page posts.
  • Twitter search to mail : Instead of searching through Twitter for a search text, which might take a lot of time, you can have all the tweets that match your search criteria to be delivered directly into your email inbox.
  • Facebook notification to SMS : Receive SMS for new notifications. Useful in countries where Facebook does not support text notification.

So, what are your favorite recipes ? Let us know by commenting below.