Hey everyone, this post is specifically meant for guys from Nepal, so if you’re not from there, you might want to skip reading it.

A few months back, I had talked about CashOnAd which paid you for watching video ads. Lo and behold, there’s something better than that – Swipr! Swipr is a made-in-Nepal app which lets you earn money by just unlocking your smart phone (android only at the moment). Amazing, isn’t it? Now, unlike CashOnAd this is not a new concept. There are foreign apps that let you do the same but to me, Swipr is way better than CashOnAd. CashOnAd paid you only after viewing video ads for at least 6 seconds, while Swipr pays you the same amount as CashOnAd does, but for just viewing an image for however milliseconds you want. So, you decide which one is better.

Here’s how it works: after you install Swipr on your phone, your default lock screen will be replaced by an ad. That means, each time you turn on your screen by pressing the button on the sideways of your smart phone, you get to see an image ad. If you want to visit the page of the advertiser and learn in more details about the advert, you can swipe left, but if you just want to get to the main screen of your phone, you need to swipe right. And for each swipe after viewing an image ad, you earn Rs. 0.10. Swipr does not always display image ads though. Sometimes it displays wallpapers, quotes or images about Swipr itself (containing Swipr logo), for which you don’t get credits.

To use Swipr, go here (referral) and click on Signup with Facebook. After you have signed up, install Swipr app on your Android smartphone, and log-in with Facebook. Lock your phone, and then turn on the display again, you should see an image ad.

Swipr image ad
Swipr image ad
Swipr Checkout
Checking out on Swipr


One can make a maximum of Rs. 1 per image ad per day, and the total earning limit for a day is Rs.8. You can easily make Rs.8 a day by using the app. The minimum checkout limit as of now is Rs.50. After you have earned at least Rs.50, you can either top-up your mobile (recharge) or donate to charity. The team behind Swipr promises to pay you within 72 hours of checking out. It took me about 6 days to make Rs.50 and I got my mobile topped-up within 2 hours of checking out. You can also refer your friends, and earn Rs.5 for each valid referral. See how easy it is to get your mobile topped up?

Swipr seems to me to be a great way of making money, however small the earning might be. Everyone of us unlock our phone multiple times a day, so what have we got to lose if we get paid for doing something that we already do ? It’s easy money, free money. Rs. 8 a day might not be much, but you can top up your mobile and at least save something out of it, I guess.

If Swipr does not work for you, or you don’t get credited, do this:

  • Try removing security lock you have – pattern locks, PIN codes etc.
  • Turn on GPS (location service) on your phone.

The first time you install it, you might not see the credits increase for the first two or three image ads.

[PS : Unlike CashOnAd, in order to get credited on Swipr, you need to be connected to internet. Swipes when not connected to internet, won’t be credited, unfortunately.]

I am in love with the app and I strongly recommend you to install Swipr if you have an android smartphone.

What do you think of it? Does it beat CashOnAd? Comment below to let us know.