Update: Google recently removed the extension saying it has malware. I sold the extension a few months ago, and the new author seems to have put ads in place. I have re-uploaded the extension, so please use the new one. It is free from any ads whatsoever. Sorry for the trouble.

Google has recently removed the Stop Download command from the right click context-menu of YouTube videos. This change has brought in outpour from lots of users. Stop Download command used to let you stop the video from downloading completely, as opposed to the pause button which only paused the video while buffering still took place in the background.

After a bit of research, I have come to learn that now onward even pressing the pause button will stop the video from downloading. But, it does not seem to be ocuring on my end. The button was very useful to me, especially because of the fact that I have a slow Internet connection and I need to halt the video every once in a while to browse other sites/videos.

If its the same with you, don’t worry, I have come up with a very simple solution to the problem. Note that these solutions do not work for HTML5 videos i.e. you cannot halt an HTML5 video, you can only pause it. This is because YouTube has not, as of  yet, introduced an API related to ‘stop video’ function in HTML5.

Stop Video Download on YouTube

Here are two three possible ways to get back feature.


  • The simplest method is to just drag and drop the button below (bookmarklet) to your Bookmarks Toolbar. Whenever you are watching a YouTube video and need to stop it, just press the button on the bookmarks toolbar, and it will do the trick.

Stop YouTube Video (bookmarklet)

  • FireFox or Other Browser Users : For those of you who need a button on the YouTube interface itself, you can use this userscript I made. It adds a “Stop Video” button next to the Subscribe button under YouTube video. If you don’t know how to install a userscript, read here. (Update : UserScripts.org seems to have hit the fan. I have now hosted the script on GreasyFork.)

That’s it. Problem solved. Don’t forget to share!

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