With the growth of the Internet showing no signs of slowing down, more and more people are finding sanction in cyberspace for their shopping needs, compared with the madness of the traditional high street. As a small business hoping to begin a new venture selling products to customers nationwide, the concept of online security is of absolute importance if you want your idea to prosper. With the availability of cheap SSL certificates on the market, customer confidence can flourish as more and more learn that, with you, their details are in safe hands.SSL Certificate

Standard Certificates

They offer a level of encryption that can vary between 40 and 256 bits, although at least 128 bit encryption is highly recommended. With the help of one of these certificates, you can provide your customers with the highest level of SSL encryption as well as high warranty values to further cement their confidence in your site.

Extended Validation Certificates

These certificates turn the browser address bar green – the ultimate tick in the pro column for a customer viewing your site, looking to buy. An EV certificate approval is more in-depth than the standard alternatives, with the Certificate Authority taking further steps to confirm you are who you say you are, such as checking your listing with Companies House and requesting further identification to support your certificate signing request.

Wildcard SSL Certificates

A Wildcard SSL Certificate is the answer if you will need more than one SSL certificate for your website, as these beauties cover all subdomains that are linked. For example, *.sellmystuff.com would protect ‘www.sellmystuff.com’, ‘shop.sellmystuff.com’ and ‘admin.sellmystuff.com’. What’s more is, you can amend as you go with these certificates, and so if you expand in the future, your wildcard certificate is scalable to fit.

Make an informed choice so that you invest in the most suitable SSL certificate for your business and watch your website hits skyrocket.