Receive Google Adsense Clickbomb Alert via SMS

Google Adsense is what we and most of the webmasters as well as bloggers use as a main source of income of their blog. As its the main source, its necessary to keep track of your earnings regularly, to know that nothing bad is taking place. One of those bad things that Adsense publishers face a lot is click bombing. It is when the ads on your site are clicked repeatedly by some human or some bot, meaning there is no genuine interest on the user’s side and therefore, every click generated is artificial. Artificial clicks do not help an advertiser at all. read more

Receive Google Analytics’ Daily Traffic Report as SMS for Free!

Are you tired of checking your Analytics data everyday? I am.

Keeping track of your analytics data is necessary in order to understand your audience’s habit, effect of google algorithm update (if any), and lots of other miscellaneous stuff. A thorough investigation is required to understand these data and most of us might not want to go through each and every details all the time. As a matter of fact, I check only four data everyday : Page Views, Visits, Visitors and bounce rate. read more

How To: Get Facebook Birthday Reminders as SMS for Free

Because of Facebook, there’s no need for people to memorise their friends’ birthdays anymore. It keeps note of all the birthdays and sends you a reminder whenever someone on your friend list has his/her birthday coming up. But, as helpful as that might be, an e-mail reminder or a facebook notification might not be the only way you want to be made aware of your pals’ birthday. So, here I am suggesting you a way to receive SMS reminders of the birthday based on Facebook’s Birthday record. You will be able to receive SMS reminder of your friends birthday for free. read more

Free Email to SMS service in Ncell : Receive SMS for free!

Just wanted to give you guys a quick heads-up, Ncell, the leading mobile operator in Nepal seems to have enabled the Email to SMS service for free. It used to cost about Rs. 30 per month earlier to activate this service. But, now it’s completely free and you don’t need to do anything to activate the service, it’s already activated on all Ncell mobile numbers. read more

Receive SMS when someone comments on your site (WordPress)

I had to work on this for days and now I think it’s about time I release it. By following this tutorial, you will be able to receive free SMS alert every time someone comments on your site. This guide is specifically meant for WordPress sites, it could also be done on other sites but that’s up to you (we are not going to cover it)! The service that we are going to use for the purpose is still in its beta stage, so that is the reason why you are going to receive SMS for free (US & International SMS, both). And yes, you can be certain that the service won’t last long for free. read more

How to get free SMS alert everytime you receive a new email?

Here’s how you can get SMS alert for free, each time you receive a new email on your Gmail account. This method  works with Gmail account only. If you don’t have a Gmail account, you can easily create one and then forward the mails from your other accounts to your Gmail account. The SMS works for notification purpose only, you cannot use it to read the whole e-mail. I’ve explained why, later on at the end of this post. Since the SMS comes directly from Google, you can be quite certain that this will work worldwide. Google Calendar provides an option to send reminders on a particular date/time to your mobile phone as an SMS. We are going to use an application which will create a reminder on Google calendar each time we receive a new email on Gmail. Hence, each time you receive a email, you’ll receive an SMS too. read more

How to Receive SMS Online to bypass SMS verification?

 I’ll introduce you today to some sites offering phone numbers which could be used to Receive SMS Online For Free. We might not always be interested in providing our real phone numbers for SMS verification, or  the country we reside in might not be supported by the site asking for verification, so in such cases we can bypass the verification with the help of these kind of sites. read more