If you are a regular reader here, you might have wondered at times how I learn about different freebie offers. There is a separate section here that deals with freebies and I have been posting some giveaways every once in a while. As every other blog post, freebies also require a bit of research. But, unlike other posts, you can find those deals listed on a fixed set of sites. Here I will make a list of sites that I have been using in order to get free stuff for you guys. These sites, or forums to be more exact, are the places where users share the free deals that they have come across.

Note that, since all of the sites are forums, you are likely to find the same freebies repeated all over. You will, however, find some new ones on each forums. None of these forums require registration to view topics/threads.

Forums To Get Freebies and Giveaways


With over 35,000 registered members, nsaneforums is most probably the biggest site on this list. The giveaways section consists lots of giveaways and promotions.


Tipradar forums requires registration to view external links on threads. The site offers its own giveaways and runs contests as well. It is loaded with other useful contents besides giveaways.


MalwareTips is a security based forum where users talk about different malwares & viruses, how to remove them and also about different antivirus programs, and the ways to troubleshoot their problems. So, most of the giveaways here are related to antiviruses and data security programs.


Along with external giveaways, the site also runs its own giveaways and contests. It is a fairly new site with very less number of members. However, the site does contain some new freebies that have not been mentioned on other forums.

FreeKaaMaal Forums

FreeKaaMaal is an Indian bargain hunting website where you can find coupons and items with heavy discount. The discussion forum of the site is where the users share deals and offers. The freebies section is divided into a sub-section of International Freebies, which makes it even more easier for international users to find free offers.


These are the five forums where I look for freebies. If you know any other source of good freebies, comment below to let us know.