While chatting on my mobile today, I got an option to choose from a set of new emoticons. Well, at first I thought they were new emoticons, but they appeared to be bigger than the usual ones. I realised these were the same kind of stickers  that Viber has in place.

I was able to send the stickers once or twice but after that I was not able to figure out how I came across it. There isno button, no link, nothing that points to Facebook Stickers.

Update : On the recent upate, Facebook has put a button for the stickers. You just need to press on the smiley right beside the Send button to get the stickers.

As far as I know Facebook had recently introduced stickers to its iOS app and obviously, it is rolling out the feature to Android as well. After a lot of messing around with the app, I was finally able to figure out how to send Facebook Stickers on Android version of Facebook Messenger.

For this to work, you need to install the latest version of Facebook (3.1) and Facebook Messenger (2.4.2) from Google Play Store.

Once you have updated/installed the apps, open up the Facebook Messenger.

Go to Settings > Notifications and put a tick mark beside the Chat Heads options.

Enable Facebook Chat Heads

Chat Heads is a feature available only on the new version of Facebook Messenger. It lets you chat even while you are using other applications.

Now, open up your Facebook app (Not the messenger, but the main Facebook app).

Go to Messages and tap on any chat. Make sure you go to messages by clicking on the message icon at the top.

Facebook Chat

Once the Chat Head opens up,  you need to tap on the edge of the screen.

See the image below. You need to tap the red area twice.

Tap once and wait for the keyboard to pop out. Once the Keyboard pops out, tap on the edge again.

Do not touch the + sign.

Open Facebook Stickers

Now, you will see the menu from where you can choose the Stickers.

These stickers appear to both the web users and mobile users, but only mobile users have the ability to send it at the moment.

 Facebook Stickers