Update : The girl mentioned on the page had infact committed suicide because of cyber-bullying through the social networking site, Myspace. It did not happen on facebook. For details, click here.

There’s a new scam spreading on Facebook. Recently, while chatting with your friends, you might have noticed them say something like : “Hey, This Girl killed Herself After her dad Posted this on her wall! News Link : “. This, actually, is not sent by your friends knowingly. Clicking the link sent with that message helps spreading a new worm. If you click on that link, you allow an app to use your chat. So, the app will be able to send messages to your contacts without your knowledge. Let me show you how it works.

First, you get a text from your friend asking you to click on the link.

Then, you’ll be redirected to a facebook app. It will provide you with two options either to “Log In” to the app or to “Cancel” the app.

Now, this is the part where facebook asks whether it should allow the app to use Facebook Chat or not. After clicking “Allow”, the app will have the permission to access your facebook chat and send whatever it likes to your friends.

After clicking on “Allow”, it will redirect you to an youtube video, possibly of the so-called girl who killed herself (I didn’t watch the video). But, the thing you can notice on the screen shot is something different, right? The blue box on the screenshot means that the app is asking you to complete a survey before you can see the video. If you fill out the survey, the one who made that app will make loads of money. This is the reason why the scam was created in the first place; to make money. Each time you fill out a survey, the owner will make some amount of profit.

Remember, the app has access to your chat. Since you clicked on the link and gave it the access, the app will now send the same message from you to your online friends. Then your friends will click on it, and the cycle will go on. The one who made the app is thus, making loads of money.

Beware and Do not click on the link!

Damage Control

If you have already clicked on the link and given access to the app to use your chat, you can still revoke the access. To remove the app from your “Authorised App List”, follow these guidelines:

1. Click on Account Settings.

2. Click on Apps.

3. Now, look for an app called “Taggr” on the app list. Then click on the “X” mark right beside it. (The “X” mark has been highlighted with red colour on the screenshot below.) You’ll be prompted whether you’d like to remove the app or not. Click on Remove.

That’s it. Now, the app won’t be able to access your chat.

You can click on “Report” link just below the app if you want to report to Facebook regarding the scam.


It seems like the app automatically creates new shortened URLs for each text sent on the chat. I have received three different URLs all pointing to the same Scam Site and App. The app is using tinyurl to shorten the link. The tinyurl link redirects you to a url which in turn, redirects you to the app.

I cannot be so sure as to whether this app collects personal information or spreads viruses on the computer. Though you can revoke its access on Facebook, it might have already spread virus on your computer or used your personal information. So, beware and do not click on the link. Share this and protect your friends from being the victim of this scam.