If someone used your computer to log in to their Skype, you can retrieve their chat/message log and friend list without having to log in to their account. This method is also useful in cases where you forget your password or if you don’t have internet connection when you want to check out the messages.

First of all, download SQLite Database Browser.

Install the application.

Now,  open up My Computer and go to


(Replace YourComputerUserName above with your Computer User Name)




Once there, open the folder with the same Skype username whose chat logs you’re looking for.


Now, open up the main.db file with SQLite Database Browser.

Go to Browse Data tab and select Messages from the drop down list beside Table. Your chat logs will be listed on body_xml field.

To read the chat logs/messages properly, you can export the table as a CSV file.

Also, to get your friend list, select Contacts on the drop-down list.