So, I decided to change the theme of the site once again. Man, I’m never satisfied with any theme and as far as I’ve learned in the last 3 years, no one really is. Yep, you look at someone else’s site and you like their theme. You look at yours, and you want to change it. Anyway, this time, I decided to move to a fast loading minimal theme.

I had noticed for a while that the site was loading slow – took about 3-4 seconds as per Pingdom and GtMetrix. Luckily, before I could begin my search for a new theme, a friend of mine sent me a link to Smashing Magazine’s coverage of Frank theme. I took a look at the demo site, and it loaded in blazing fast speed. Naturally, I was attracted to it and downloaded it right away and installed it on the site.

I went through the theme options to see if there was some way to remove the left sidebar so as to make it a two column theme. But, I could not find any option. So, I had to work around a bit, to get it to work as I wanted.

If you want to make the posts appear on a two column layout, rather than the default three column layout then follow the directions below.

Backup Single.php file, so that you can restore it if anything unexpected happens. Now, remove the following code from single.php:

The post meta should be gone from the left sidebar. Now we need to make some changes to the style.css file to decrease the left margin. For that, head over to your Style.css file and do as said below :

Search for the following codes and remove them from the file (make sure to backup the style file first) :

Then, add the following code to style.css. :

That should do the trick. Your theme should no longer have the left sidebar. Check to see if there’s any problem. Try responsive tests.