Today we have got a useful tool for those who like to watch TV shows on their computer. Episode Player is a free program that has got a very unique feature that makes it suitable for watching TV shows – it remembers the episode you had last watched, and the next time you open it, it starts the next episode. Episode player is not a video/media player however, it just remembers the video you last played and opens next videos with a media player of your choice (Windows Media Player, VLC etc).

If you are a TV show enthusiast and watch a lot of TV shows at the same time, or you simply watch shows from time to time, but not regularly, then chances are you might forget or get easily confused with the episodes you have watched or have yet to watch. In that case, Episode Player can be of help to you.

To use it, open it and select the TV show’s folder from File > Open. It will automatically list all the video files inside the folder. Then from the right side, select the player to open the videos with. Finally, click on the Play button.

Episode Player can remember history of every TV series you watch, not just one. What I mean to say is, if you are watching two different series’ side by side, you can just select another series’ folder, and Episode Player will remember the last played episodes of both the series. The number of TV series does not matter as long as they are on different folders.

Episode Player

So now onward, every time you want to watch a TV show, open the folder via Episode Player and then watch it. Next time you open Episode Player and select the same folder, files that were played earlier will be marked with a tick mark and will be grayed out whereas the one you are left to watch will be highlighted and also, include a play icon. (See the picture above)

You can download Episode Player from it’s official site. It requires installation.


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