“It is obviously a scam”. It’s normal of you to think that way. After all, who would believe that the balance of a network from Nepal can be recharged online? I, myself, was confused whether it’s a scam or not. Nonetheless, I gave it a try and I was amazed to find out that it really works!

This application works on 90 countries around the world, including Nepal. Click here to see if it supports yours or not.

The method is quite simple. All you have to do is perform tasks and make points. When you get 400 Points, you can redeem it for a Rs 200 recharge PIN for either NTC or Ncell. If you are taking part in it for the first time, then it won’t take much time for you to recharge your balance as points will be awarded to you when you just register, signup for email alerts or share about the application on facebook. Second time onwards, you have to spend much time.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to recharge your Nepal Telecom / Ncell balance online for free :

1. Login to your facebook.

2. Go to this link.

3. It will ask for your permission. Click on “Allow”

4.Now, the app will ask you to enter your mobile number. Enter your mobile number and select the correct operator (either Ncell or NTC). Then, Click on “Register”.

5. You’ll get to a window like the one shown in the following screenshot. Click on “Validate Now”.

6. An SMS will be sent to your number from EmbeePay. You’ll have to enter the code received on that message on the next text box. After entering the code, click on Next and your number will be validated. It may take some while for the SMS to reach you.

( NTC users should get the code for certain. If you  didn’t receive the code, just skip this step. You can still recharge your account for free, but you won’t receive 50 extra points. You will have to complete more task and earn that. Sorry.)

Now, it’s time to make more. Till now you should have received 100  – 50 as a new user and 50 for validating your phone number. Let’s move on.

7.  Look at the screenshot below. After you have clicked on “Signup for email alerts”, enter your email address, put a tick mark on the options and click on submit. You should receive an email on the address you entered. Go to your email address and validate it. You will receive an extra 50 points.

8. Look on the main page(home) of the app, somewhere on the bottom, you should find “Share this and get 20 Embee points”. Click on that and share the application. If it asks for permission, allow it. You’ll receive 20 points.

9. Now, go to the “Friends” tab and invite your friends. If five of your friends signup under you, you will receive 100 points. Ask them to accept your app request. Also keep in mind that all of your invitations might not be accepted by EmbeePay. You have to ask your friends to validate their phone number. Then only will EmbeePay count that friend as your referral.

You can check who has accepted your request by clicking on the “Invite History” button.

The green tick mark means that the friend has been counted as your referral. The one with the red mark will not be counted as your referral. When you see at least five green tick marks on this page, click on “Friends” tab to go back. Now, click on “Check Rewards” which is right beside the “Invite History” button. You’ll see something like “Claim Rewards” if five of your friends have registered under you. Now, click on “Claim rewards”. You’ll  earn 100 pnts.

Till now, you should have made 270 . You cannot get the recharge pin yet. You need to make at least 400 to claim a Rs. 200 recharge PIN.

Now is the time for you to perform some tasks. Click on the “Earn” tab on the top and go on looking for the tasks that you can perform easily. Choose the one’s which provide less embee points as they are easy to complete. Also, keep in mind that most of the tasks on that page will not be available for Nepalese. Still, there are lots of tasks which will provide you the points.  The tab “Blvd Media” consists the most number of tasks. Some of the jobs in “Super Rewards” are also easy to complete. Look for free jobs; do not perform tasks that require money.

I’d recommend you to use “Crowd Flower” though. It’s easy to complete and is available to Nepalese as well.

You can perform other tasks as well. But, Crowd Flower was the one I found easy to perform. It pays well too.

It will take some time to show the points on your account. Most of the time, it takes around 15 minutes to update. Go on performing the task. Once you have earned enough, click on “Redeem” tab.

Click on “Select”.

Click on “Complete Top-Up”.

You should receive an SMS within a minute or two with a recharge pin. You’d receive two messages from 8888. Here’s a proof of the message (on NTC) :

If you upgrade your account to premium, you’ll be able to transfer money to your friends number as well.

That’s it. Enjoy the free recharge!

Note :

You can earn 1 point per 10 points made by your referral.

You can use the referral link to invite others but the thing to keep in mind is that, if that person is not on your facebook friends list, you wouldn’t get the points. Currently, you cannot earn more than 5000 points from your referrals.

You can earn from watching videos as well, but the video is rarely available.

Also, Rs. 50 and 100 recharge pin is available for Ncell but you need to be a premium member to redeem it. You can upgrade yourself to premium, it wouldn’t ask for money but for points. Once you are premium, you get to take part in more tasks.


Update : It works on Ncell as well.