Bypassing call verification is pretty useful in some cases. Here’s a guide on how you can successfully get your own US phone number and receive calls made to that number on your PC for free!

Update: IPKall discontinued its service on May 1st, 2016. This method no longer works. Sorry.

First of all, go here and sign up for an account. If the site asks for payment while registering, just skip it. After you have registered, you will receive an email, click on the confirmation link to verify your email. Remember the username and password you entered on this site.

Now, head over here. On the page, enter the following information :

Account type : SIP

Area Code : Choose any of the numbers you like.

SIP username / SIP Phone Number : Enter your username that you used  while registering on Nonoh (the above site)

Hostname or IP Address / SIP Proxy :

Email Address : Enter your email address.

Password : You can use the same password you entered above or a new one.

# of Seconds to ring before hanging up: 120

Click on Submit.

Then, check your email. You will receive an email from IPKall and your new US phone number will be mentioned on that email.


Now, go here and download the software that best suits you (Windows, Mac or Mobile. If you are on windows, download Nonoh for Windows.)

Once the download completes, install the application. Run the application and it should ask if you’re are a new user. Select an option that says you are an existing user. It will then ask for your Nonoh username and password (the one you made at first), enter the username and password and you will be logged in to your account.

That’s it.

Make a call to your IPKall Number (the one that you got on your email) and you’ll hear the Nonoh application ringing. You can pickup or cancel the phone from Nonoh and talk normally as if you were talking through a physical phone!

So, whenever a site asks for phone call verification, provide your IPKall number and you’ll receive the call instantly on your Nonoh application for free.




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