MyThemeShop provides premium WordPress themes, but it has recently introduced a new free theme on the WordPress Themes repository and for the promotion of the same free theme, has introduced a new offer.

What’s the offer? Well, for using and reviewing their new free theme, you get a coupon code, which can be used to receive free one month subscription of any of their select 19 premium themes. (They have more than 19 premium themes on their site, but you can use the coupon code to download from a list of selected 19 premium themes only.)

To make use of the offer, you need to install the free theme, and go to the Theme Options wherein you will find a coupon code which can be used to buy any of these 19 premium themes for free. You will also get one month’s support for free. Note that the premium membership at MyThemeShop expires after a month, after which, you can keep using the same theme, but you won’t be able to access the support forum, or download new updates of the theme.

MyThemeShop has not published when the offer will end, so you should take advantage of it as soon as possible.

How To Get The Themes For Free?

You can find the instructions at MyThemeShop’s blog. If you don’t want to install the theme, or go through the directions mentioned there, here’s the coupon for you : Point2Premium.

  • So, just head over to the Discount Offers! page, go through all the themes and choose one that you liked the most.
  • Go to the signup page, and select your preferred theme from “Membership Type”.
  • Enter the required information, and on the coupon code field put : Point2Premium.

Congrats! You’ve got a premium theme for free. You cannot make multiple use of the coupon code from the same account. So, just rinse and repeat the process. Signup with a new email every time and you will have 19 Premium WordPress Themes from MyThemeShop for free including one month’s support.