How To Verify Nepali PayPal With Payoneer MasterCard?

PayPal, the most popular online payment processor, can be used by Nepalese but only for the purpose of sending money. A Nepali PayPal account cannot be used to receive money. We had talked about creating a PayPal of another country and withdrawing the money in Nepal earlier . On this post, however, we’re going to explain to you how you can verify a Nepali PayPal account which can only be used to send payments. read more

How to withdraw from PayPal in Nepal?

Here’s a detailed tutorial that will guide you on how you can withdraw money from PayPal in Nepal. That’s right. You can get the money right in your hands! At the end of this tutorial, you will have your own verified PayPal and will be able to withdraw the money here in Nepal. I have tried to go through everything I know. If you guys are still confused after reading this, please let me know. I’m sorry if the tutorial seems long, I just wanted to be as thorough as possible. read more

Online store that accepts unverified PayPal

fter searching for days, I have finally found a web store which accepts unverified PayPal. It’s nothing in comparison to stores like Amazon, Newegg or but you can get fair amount of products that you might find on any other store. The thing to note here though is that, the store is Hong Kong based, so most of the items available are Chinese. I know what you are thinking – “How long will the items last?”. I have no idea myself. read more