How to increase Linux Disk’s size(WUBI installation)?

So you installed Ubuntu or Kubuntu on your PC through WUBI and assigned only 5 GB to it thinking you won’t be doing anything on it. But, then you start installing packages and now there’s really no more space available. What do you do? Re-install it again? No. Here’s a quick tutorial on how you can increase the disk space of your Linux distro. This method only works for the installation made through WUBI. read more

How to get unlimited US Numbers for free?

On this tutorial, I’m going to explain to you a method with which you can get unlimited US numbers for free. You could provide these US numbers to your friends/relatives or use it online and when someone sends SMS to that number, you would receive the message on your own local number. Confused? Simply put, any SMS sent to that US number will instead, get delivered on your own phone number. How are we going to do that? We will be redirecting the message to your own local number. This method will work for almost every country. read more

Direct Download BitTorrent Files

Yep, that’s right. You can direct download torrent files. There are numerous benefits of direct download over the download through bittorrent clients – the ability to pause and resume at any time, download is more secured since it is not a peer to peer transfer, torrents with even less number of seeds can be downloaded (since the connection has a blazing fast speed), download is much faster and less resources of your CPU are consumed. Most importantly, this is very helpful incase bittorrent clients or the protocal itself is blocked on your PC. read more

How to Port Forward on TP-Link TD-W8901G

As I start this guide, I assume that you have already set up your wireless router and you’re looking for a way to portforward your application (for instance, bittorrent clients). Every thing required for port-forwarding has been mentioned on this guide with necessary details and screenshots. Even if you are a complete newbie, you will have no trouble forwarding the port if you follow this guide properly. read more

Latte Espresso 8 Gb Video Mp3 Player Review

Its been about two months since I started using this video Mp3 player. At that time, the original price of this product on was about $64. However, I had to pay $100 since I ordered to ship it here, in Nepal. The Mp is working just fine. I didn’t expect much from it; I knew I cannot get a full-fledged state-of-the-art device for just sixty dollars. I was looking for something to pass time with, something simple which could play music and also let me watch movies. And I am pretty sure, it has fulfilled all my desires. The device is not perfect though. Like every other stuff, it has got its own pros and cons. I’ll list the features and limitations of this device that I have encountered. read more

I’m Back

After months of downtime, my blog is officially back. The blog was doing good with much visits and posts but unfortunately, the server went down. According to, the server was closed permanently. Although I did get new name servers, they were also down in no time. So, I had no reason to rely on them. They could just close another one down for no reason. The worst part of it all was that I had no backup. read more