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How to convert links on Author Bio to no-follow attribute?

This post specifically deals with handling the links on author bio so that guest authors won't get a do-follow link back to their site and thus, won't be able to misuse it. I couldn't find any plugin that accomplished this task. Therefore, you have to manually look for the code that puts information on the author box and then edit it. You'll need to have a little bit of knowledge of Php or HTML. read more

Free Ways to Drive Traffic to Your E-Commerce Websites

Developing and maintaining an E-Commerce site demands hard work and perseverance. Whether you have been running a website for some time already or are only now entering the competitive world of online sales, there is no shortcut to success. The sheer amount of competition in the market, where thousands of E-Commerce websites are jostling against each other for space and patronage, makes it difficult for E-Commerce websites rank high on any search engine. read more

How to report copyright violation to

Some days back, I noticed two sites that had copied my posts, and in a very stupid way too. The guide/articles were completely ripped off, without making any changes to images either; they were linking to my own images with the watermark still showing up. Luckily, there's this thing called Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) , which I don't think the culprits have any idea about. Otherwise, they would not have copied my post in the first place. read more

Things to avoid while optimizing your site for Search Engines

Webmasters spend a lot of their time and money in optimizing their websites and blogs to get them ranked on the first page of search engine’s organic search results. On the flip side, search engines exist on the web with a goal to provide natural and veritable search results to the user. Search engines serve as a medium through which users can interact with the Internet, or in other words, search engines are doorways through which one can enter and browse the Internet. From finding virtual web addresses to locating keyword relevant links, search engines are used for an array of web-related purposes. Collectively receiving more than one billion search queries daily, Bing, Google, and Yahoo are the most visited search engines across the globe.  read more

How to get your blogs recognized in social media?

Those were the days when we used to pen down our feelings and thoughts in personal diaries. Times have evolved. Ever since Internet ventured into our lives, we have started to express ourselves through mails and blogs. There are so many social sites that encourage us to give voice to our feelings. Blogging in particular has evolved recently and it is the latest sensation among Internet users. It has become the keystone of interaction. After all, everyone loves to be heard and recognized for their work. Blogs in particular are a means to communicate and be creative. These days, the number of bloggers is on the rise and it is no cakewalk to get recognized. However there are certain tips and tricks to get the job done. read more

How to install WordPress on 000Webhost?

This is a step-by-step, easy to follow guide on how to install WordPress on 000Webhost is one of the most popular free hosting provider, and although there's an option on its control panel to install WordPress through one-click-installation script (Fantastico), it does not seem to work most of the time. So, here's how you can manually install WordPress on the host. read more