Mobile surfers are growing at an speedy rate. Each day there are more than 1 billion who surf the Internet with their phone. So, wouldn’t it make sense to make your website mobile friendly?

Yes, and the fact that many of them are from Opera Mini, it would make even more sense to customize the site for it.

Almost all of the site owners use their own phones and any other Opera enabled phones they can get their hands on to try out their site. But, you know what they say, “One site doesn’t fit all”. Every phone displays your site a bit different from the other, sometimes a lot could be different.

Opera Inc, seems to be aware of this and with their team of highly trained monkeys, developed a software that will emulate your site for a plethora of mobile phones. You can analyze your analytics and tweak your site to fit the phones that matter to you.

Opera Mobile Emulator

It comes with some handy options and the optional Opera dragonfly integration (a built-in function of the Opera desktop browser) to fix those loose CSS ends of your site. A lot of phones and tablets are listed in the profile selector, from crappy old Nokia phones to the stunning Samsung Galaxy, you name it! (No, it does not have the toaster profile).

Its awesome features include easy setup (no SDKs or fancy stuffs), customizable UA, pixel density, two input types (touch or type) and argument option for the code sav. The resolution on which your site will be emulated is based on the device profile. You can also choose to define a custom profile if your phone is not listed.

This emulator is very helpful, because we get all frustrated when users complain the tables are flying off the screen, the screen turned black, they can’t read the text or any errors that give even the most professional site owners an excruciating headache.

Grab it from their official website.