Has command prompt been blocked on your computer? Do you want to have a little bit of fun on Command prompt but you can’t access it? Well, here’s a way to bypass the restriction and open it on your computer by simply using Ms-Paint.

Open up Ms Paint.  Press Ctrl + W.

Fill the box exactly the way it is shown below.

Now, look at the bottom of MS Paint’s window. You’ll see a slider. Take it to the extreme right, so that it shows 800%.

Look at the top right hand corner of MS-Paint. You’ll see Edit Colors. Click on it.

Here’s what you need to do now.

  1. Select a white box under Custom Colors: 
  2. Enter Red : 10, Green : 0 and Blue : 0 on the highlighted area.
  3. Press on Add to Custom Colors.
  4. Press on Ok.

Choose Pencil from the top (See below, highlighted).

Now, with Pencil selected, go to the left end of your image and click the right button on your mouse. You should have filled a pixel of it by a black color.

Repeat the same thing again; go to the Edit colors options, select a different white box under Custom Colors but this time, enter Red : 13, Green : 10 and Blue:13. Add it to custom colors and press on Ok. Then just like we did above, select Pencil and make a click right beside the black color we had filled above.

You need to make 6 different custom colors for filling up the image. We have already filled the image with two colors, now you just need to make 4 more custom colors the way we did before and fill the image accordingly.

For the rest 4 colors, use these values :

Red: 100
Green: 109
Blue: 99

Red: 120
Green: 101
Blue: 46

Red: 0
Green: 0
Blue: 101

Red: 0
Green: 0
Blue: 0

When you have completed filling up the image with custom colors, you should see something like this:

Now, save the image as a 24-bit Bitmap image.

Go to the saved image and rename it as command.bat. Run it, and a command prompt would open, instead of the image.

How does it work?

The image we created has the same hex (hexadecimal) value as of running cmd.exe inside of Command Prompt.  Therefore, it opens a command prompt.