Co.CC closes down without warning – Users locked out of their own site

The ever popular Co.CC company which provided free as well as paid Co.CC domains has closed down, without giving any warning to the customers. All the Co.CC domains are currently down and can no longer be accessed. Co.CC had stopped accepting new users some time before they closed down. Users were used to be greeted with a message saying “A new domain cannot be registered” . read more

Free Email to SMS service in Ncell : Receive SMS for free!

Just wanted to give you guys a quick heads-up, Ncell, the leading mobile operator in Nepal seems to have enabled the Email to SMS service for free. It used to cost about Rs. 30 per month earlier to activate this service. But, now it’s completely free and you don’t need to do anything to activate the service, it’s already activated on all Ncell mobile numbers. read more