Hi guys, its been a long time. I am tired of making empty promises (regarding posting regularly) so, let me not do it again. While I was beginning my data-science journey, I tried to collect as many sources for Nepali datasets as possible, and the following is the listing of the same. The problem is most of these datasets are in PDF (most are in a booklet), so you’d have to use some extraction utilities such as Tabula to convert it into a CSV or workable file format.


(Natural) Disasters Desinventar

Also available from NEOC.

The database was created by systematically reviewing data in Gorkhapatra and Kantipur newspapers (1971 – 2011). It also includes data from Disaster Review Series from 1993 – 2002.
Disaster Data (2011 – 2014) from NEOC. Yearly publication from National Emergency Operation Center.
Disaster Data (2015) from NEOC.
Report Generator from NEOC’s disaster management system
Disaster Review from DWIDP. Yearly publication in PDF from Department of Water Induced Disaster Prevention. The PDF document has data on Water Induced Disasters.
The International Disaster Database. Select Nepal from the country list. Does not contain comprehensive information. Contains data about only some sort of disasters of select years.
River Watch River watch from Department of Hydrology and Meteorology Flood Forecasting Project. Real time water level watch.
Rainfall Watch Rainfall watch from Department of Hydrology and Meteorology Flood Forecasting Project. Real time rainfall watch.
Aviation Safety Nepal’s Profile on Aviation Safety Network.


Data on airliner accidents and safety issues. These reports are officially verified reports.
Wiki Profile of Nepal on Aviation Safety Network. Users can add / edit the reports of airliner accidents and safety issues. So, these are unverified ones, reported by the users.
Electricity Issued Licenses from DOED. List of issued survey, transmission and construction licenses.
Kathmandu Living Labs The same data in CSV. List of hydroelectricity projects. You can also view KLL’s vizualization.
NEA’s Annual Report.


Annual Report from Nepal Electricity Authority (in PDF). Contains information such as the generation of electricity by month and power stations, performance status and the revenue of the regional offices, financial statements etc.
Crime Crime table from Nepal Police. Crime data (in Nepali).
Interpol Most Wanted Nepali Nationals.
Global Terrorism Database.
Missing Persons on Nepal Police’s website. Missing person’s list.
Prison Department of Prison Management. Nepal’s Prison Capacity (in Nepali).
DOPM. Number of prisoners.
DOPM. Number of foreign prisoners.
Communications Communication Center. List of registered newspapers of Nepal (in PDF & in Nepali)
NTA. MIS report from Nepal Telecommunications Authority which includes information such as list of ISPs and their subscribers, new licenses provided, market share etc.
Ministry of Information and Communications List of authorized FM radio stations, advertisements, movies etc.
Finance White Book from Ministry of Finance. In PDF: Projects financed with foreign donations, the type of donations (grant or loan) received by each ministry etc. Foreign donor summary at the end of the White Book.
Ministry of Finance Annual Performance Review of Public Entreprises. Data inside the Tables folder.
Ministry of Finance Yellow Book. In Nepali. Miscellaneous information.
Ministry of Finance – Economic Survey. Misc. information.
Agriculture Ministry of Agriculture. Publications on Agriculture.
MOA. Statistical Information on Nepalese Agriculture
MOA Year Book 2014.
Tourism Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. Nepal Tourism Statistics.
Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. Open directory. Includes other information such as Mountaineering in Nepal Facts and Figures 2014.
Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. Another open directory. Consists of lots of documents, incl. Registered Tourism Related Entreprises 2070 and Tourism Employment Study Draft Report 2014.
Education Ministry of Education. Nepal Education in figures 2015.
Department of Education Total schools and students by grade and year (2069 / 70).
HDX Nepal Census 2011 District Profiles (Education). There are some nice visualizations of the data.
Open Cities Educational Facilities within Kathmandu valley (Crowdsourced).
Irrigation Ministry of Irrigation. Irrigation related statistics.
Nepal Earthquake ICIMOD.
Health Open Cities. Health facilities within the Kathmandu Valley (Crowdsourced)
Transportation Department of Transport Management. Vehicle registration information and others.


Other places where you can search for data related to Nepal:


I hope it would be useful to others. If you know any other sources, and would like to add to the list, then please comment below or send me a pull request. Thank you!