Skip to content Takes Down Torrents - No more movie downloads!, one of the best organized sites to find movie torrents has stripped all the torrents from its website. The site made this announcement a few moments ago on its blog. Now all you can do on is search for movies, create watchlists, watch trailers and see recommendations, which is kind of what also does.

The public announcement made on their blog goes on to explain that they did not took the torrent service down because of "legal pressures of any kind".

Instead, it says that the torrents were taken down because the owners decided to move on with their lives and work on other projects. According to the guys at, two reasons were mainly responsible for their decision - first, the torrent codebase was itself very complicated for them to work on. It required fixes time and again, depending on several factors, which consumed a lot of time to maintain. Secondly, the site was receiving plenty of fake torrents containing potentially dangerous files. They could be removed offcourse, if a better algorithm were to be created, but that would require more time as well.

Both the reasons seem good enough, but I doubt if legal pressure was not involved at all since they were going to introduce a similar service for TV shows as well. Then Now


Personally, I liked a lot. It was a site meant for true movie aficionados (It still is!). The user interface is simple yet so good. You could search for a movie, and it would show you the available qualities of the movie. Unlike other torrent sites that list all the available torrents no matter what their quality is, it just listed one torrent of each kind - either 720p, 480p, or 1080p. And the torrents were verified as well, so that you could be sure that they didn't contain any dangerous files. And that's not it, they had even made use of API to let users stream a movie online, or even transfer it to their account. had everything you could possibly ask for!

I was eagerly waiting for a sister site of - was supposed to be similar to but only contain TV shows' torrents. It's sad to realise that it won't be happening now and even more sadder to see's service gone.


Some Alternatives

If you are looking for some alternatives, here are some sites you might like to try. Please note that none of these sites are as good as

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  1. kathyM kathyM

    A nice alternative is, maybe not as good but still an alternative if you want to download some torrents.

  2. Anon Anon

    Liars. Retarded liars. Moving on to bigger things my ass. These guys obviously got payed or threatened. Possibly both. If they didn't care about it anymore, why not just leave it as it is? What was so specific about torrents that they leave the whole damn site but remove the only thing that could get them arrested? The reason anoybody cares of the shit site?

    They're nothing but idiots.

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