CashOnAd : Make Money While Receiving Phone Calls

I just learned about this Android app called CashOnAd which is suprisingly, home-made (when I say home-made, I mean made in Nepal). It is suprising because it deals with something not so popular in our country – making money through an unconventional way. What it does is let you watch video advertisements whenever you receive a call, and for each 6 seconds of video advertisement that you watch, you will earn 1 cent (~1 NPRupees at current rate). That does not sound much, but at least its something, I guess. read more

Blogging Pays

I have decided to introduce a new blogging section where I can post my experiences with blogging and also, give tips related to it. So, this is the first post on the series of many more blogging related articles yet to come. I wished to talk about earning opportunity at first, because, frankly, there’s no better way to start this section as most of the people start blogging with an aim to make money online. So, I hope the “money making opportunity” will act as ¬†an encouraging factor for you to start/continue blogging. read more

How to withdraw from PayPal in Nepal?

Here’s a detailed tutorial that will guide you on how you can withdraw money from PayPal in Nepal. That’s right. You can get the money right in your hands! At the end of this tutorial, you will have your own verified PayPal and will be able to withdraw the money here in Nepal. I have tried to go through everything I know. If you guys are still confused after reading this, please let me know. I’m sorry if the tutorial seems long, I just wanted to be as thorough as possible. read more

How email marketing could benefit you

Email marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most effective and popular marketing methods deployed by all kinds of companies, whether large or small. One reason for this is it is relatively easy to implement. Massive companies with hundreds and thousands of customers on their client base can reach each and every one of them almost instantaneously. Plus, when tailored correctly, email marketing can be made to feel very personal to the customer, instantly boosting the status of the company. Customers begin to feel they are valued and that the company really care about them. read more

Turning LinkedIn Contacts to Leads

Most of the small to medium scale businesses find it difficult to create and manage a full-fledged social media marketing campaign. As a start-up, most of us are busy looking into the day-to-day functioning of our business, employee issues, salaries and deliverables. Devoting enough time, resources or energy into creating a good social media marketing campaign becomes very difficult. But these days, majority of small to medium scale businesses are using LinkedIn to improve the reach of their businesses. read more

How to get a free Virtual Credit Card (VCC) ?

A virtual credit card (VCC)¬†behaves the same way as a traditional credit card does. The only difference is that you can only use it online (and it is ‘virtual’ as opposed to a ‘plastic’ card). There are many services that provide you a virtual credit card so that you can use it without having to attach your bank account or going through any complex process. Entropay, was a similar service which provided free virtual cards to the users. You just needed to create an account to receive a free virtual credit card of your own, but it stopped the service due to users registering just to misuse it. It now requires users to load their accounts with some money before they can get a VCC. The site I’m going to introduce to you today not only behaves the same way as Entropay, but also gives you your own free VCC just after registering on the site. read more