5 Sites To Get Freebies

If you are a regular reader here, you might have wondered at times how I learn about different freebie offers. There is a separate section here that deals with freebies and I have been posting some giveaways every once in a while. As every other blog post, freebies also require a bit of research. But, unlike other posts, you can find those deals listed on a fixed set of sites. Here I will make a list of sites that I have been using in order to get free stuff for you guys. These sites, or forums to be more exact, are the places where users share the free deals that they have come across. read more

How to Redesign your Old Website Effectively

Website Designs have undergone great changes during the past couple years. The two important reasons why we change them is to make them aesthetic, and navigable so that visitors can find information faster. Redesigning is a complex process. As a designer you will have to thoroughly analyze your visitors past behavior, the time they spend on your website and even their feedback. read more

Which SSL Certificate to Choose: A Brief Guide to your Options

With the growth of the Internet showing no signs of slowing down, more and more people are finding sanction in cyberspace for their shopping needs, compared with the madness of the traditional high street. As a small business hoping to begin a new venture selling products to customers nationwide, the concept of online security is of absolute importance if you want your idea to prosper. With the availability of cheap SSL certificates on the market, customer confidence can flourish as more and more learn that, with you, their details are in safe hands. read more

Google Easter Eggs

People picture a nerd with glasses, freckled face and without any liking to “fun”, when they think of programmers. But, they love fun and are as normal as you and I. The fun they put in their codes are called “Easter eggs”. They are hidden features put by the programmers without any official announcement, left for the users to find out. Programmers at Google, are a fine example. They sneaked in both officially and secretly some Easter eggs or what we like to call “Google Eggs” in their eye hurting codes of programs and apps we use EVERYDAY!, read more

Co.CC Alternatives – Similar Free Domain Registrars

It’s been days since Co.CC has shut down and obviously, people have started looking for a better alternative. Here I have made a list of free domain registration services that can act as an alternative to Co.CC. All of the free domains suggested here are indexed by Google as of the moment of making this post. So, you don’t need to worry about not ranking on search engine. But, we can’t be sure what will happen at a later date. Facebook, however, could have blocked multiple of them. read more

Efficient Ways to Optimize Your Blog for Google Rankings

A professional blogger knows that running a successful blog depends on the search rankings and traffic density. Just because a blog receives many comments and is highly regarded by those who read it, it does not mean that the blog is search engine optimized to its full potential. If a blog ranks highly in the search engines or receives a substantial amount of traffic, then efforts should be focused elsewhere such as social media marketing. read more

Free Ways to Drive Traffic to Your E-Commerce Websites

Developing and maintaining an E-Commerce site demands hard work and perseverance. Whether you have been running a website for some time already or are only now entering the competitive world of online sales, there is no shortcut to success. The sheer amount of competition in the market, where thousands of E-Commerce websites are jostling against each other for space and patronage, makes it difficult for E-Commerce websites rank high on any search engine. read more