How To Resize and Create LVM Partitions on Ubuntu?

Too frequent BSODs and ‘display driver not detected’ messages were turning me insane. I decided to install Ubuntu via WUBI, but although the pain slightly decreased, the true potential of linux was still shrouded by Windows. I had been contemplating on completely formatting and installing Linux, and about a week ago, I finally did it. With just 1 Gb of RAM and a P4 processor, I thought Xubuntu would be the way to go – and it seems that I was right. read more

How to increase Linux Disk’s size(WUBI installation)?

So you installed Ubuntu or Kubuntu on your PC through WUBI and assigned only 5 GB to it thinking you won’t be doing anything on it. But, then you start installing packages and now there’s really no more space available. What do you do? Re-install it again? No. Here’s a quick tutorial on how you can increase the disk space of your Linux distro. This method only works for the installation made through WUBI. read more