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How to limit Internet speed of Computers on a network?

There are times when you wish you could limit the internet bandwidth of a person on your network. Do you share internet with someone who always keeps his torrent client on, always streams videos online or just clogs up internet speed at exactly the moment when you are in need of it? If so, then this method might be useful to you.

SelfishNet is a software that helps you limit internet speed of computers on a network. It makes use of ARP Spoofing/poisoning in order to achieve this.

  • Disable your firewall. (Antivirus program may also block this.)
  • Now, execute the program : SelfishNetv0.2-beta.exe. Windows 7 users will need to run it as administrator (Right Click on it > Run as administrator).
  • While executing, if you receive a message box that says "problem registering the driver" or "problem installing the drivers", then you need to install WinPcap (Alternate download link). It is required in order to capture packets travelling over a network. Once you have installed WinPcap and restarted your computer, reopen SelfishNetv0.2-beta.exe.

NIC Selection

  • Select your network adapter from the drop down list. I was connected to a wireless network via a USB adapter, so that's what I selected from the list.
  • Click on the Network Discovery button at the top and all the computers/systems on the network will be listed there.

Start ARP Spoofing

  • You can either limit the download/upload speed or completely block the internet of a particular system. To limit download/upload speed, just set the limit under "Download/Upload Cap" and click on the flash button. If you want to block the internet completely, put a tick mark on the block check-box and click on the flash button.
  • To enable internet or remove download/upload limit, press the X button and close the program. Simply pressing the X button does not seem to work most of the time. So, close the program as well.

As mentioned before, I had used the software to block internet as well as limit internet speed of different systems on my Wireless Internet network and it had worked like a charm. There's no guarantee that it will work on every computer, however.

SelfishNet is a free program developed by Clement Chazarra. 

How Does It Work?

A computer is able to determine the correct network device via something known as MAC address. Each networked device on a computer network, whether a printer, computer, router etc have their own unique MAC address.

Normal Traffic Pattern

On a normal network, each computer sends/receives internet data via a switch which is itself connected to a router. In this case, the computer takes note of the MAC address of the router so that it can locate the router and ensure that the data is received or sent from the correct place.

ARP Spoofed Network

What this program does is it spoofs the MAC address of your router. The system connects to router through the MAC address of router. But, if the MAC address of the router is copied by your computer, all the computers on the network will look for internet data in your computer, and will not be able to use internet. You, on the otherhand will be able to browse the internet in maximum speed.

Note that this is also one of the techniques used by hackers. When a MAC address is spoofed, other computers will send their data via your computer. Hence, you will be able to view the passwords or other data being sent. This is termed as Network sniffing. However, in this case, you are just spoofing the MAC address of your router in order to block others from using internet, which is not 'sniffing'. Here, you will not be able to view their data .

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  1. I hope my neighbor doesn't read this :D

    • Ashish Ashish


    • nolli nolli

      XDDD hahah

  2. Its great. It worked. Thank you.

  3. suraj suraj

    its great and awosam can u teach me how to shut down pc of lan by other computer connected to the same lan.

  4. mostafa mostafa

    first of all thanks a lot but the application says to me "the application failed to initialize properly (0xc000007b).click ok to terminate the application."this is the message which appears when i open the application please help me

  5. demon stone demon stone

    man rely rely thank you i setup win8 and i couldn't run the software i have been taring to do for 3 day i was about to remove windows 8 thank you very mush

  6. EGY EGY

    Setup >> WinPcap_4_1_3 and it will work on win 8 :)

    • it dosent work with me can you help me please

  7. Deya Deya

    where I download new version???

  8. ameen alsurebi ameen alsurebi

    MY DEAR ADMIN :- is possible to solve my problem (THANK)
    when i try to run SelfishNet program . it show for me 2 MESSEGES
    FIRST MESSEGE :- problem starting the driver
    and after I press OK showing second message
    SECOND MESSAGE :- problem installing the drivers do you have administrator privileges

    • You need to run it as administaritor

  9. SD SD

    Hi I used "selfish-net" for a while now and it was working just fine , but when i connected my laptop on "Asus " router it didn't work any more !! it just when I Click on the Network Discovery button there is non of the computers on the network shown there except mine !! and when I press " start redirecting-spoofing " button it works as well Just on my computer !!!
    please Help Help if any one here know how to make other computers appear - as I mentioned before it worked perfectly on " Tp-link" and " cisco " routers !!

    • ahmed ahmed

      yup i have the same problem can some1 help here

  10. Jon Jon

    My big problem in the office is the abuse of torrenting using our network. They eat wide bandwidth. I QoS and URL filtered the router but it does not work. Now, using the Selfishnet, is the very effective tool without spending so much time controlling the pirates.

  11. I want to cut through the surfer Almaekerotk but he showed how the devices are hidden, please ?? !!

  12. ahmed ahmed

    i have problem with it
    when i start the program it cuts the service on all the connected devices to the router and i cant control it anymore i dont know why

  13. LiuBang LiuBang

    It Doesn't limit anything with me


    it limits, but if you play online games or something takes high internet connection will redirect all trafic connection to ur pc and others connected mobiles/pc etc.. will receive
    "excuse my english'

  15. Octupused Octupused

    So I have been using this program for a while now but it stopped working it currently just showes me that all devices have 0 download and upload speed and then it blocks all other devices but my pc I use it just to limit the connection not to block it so please help :)

  16. daddyjay daddyjay

    hello everyone, is there anybody here, why isn't download kb/s is not working, only upload kb/s is working, why? please helo me for this selfishnet.. I have a lot of computer in my internet café shop. tnx

  17. Rushi Chaudhari Rushi Chaudhari

    how to do this on linux ??

  18. jr onilav jr onilav

    hello creator :) i see you create this app in visual studio. can i ask how did you create this in visual? please i want this app to debug and i promise if i edit this app i give credit to you. thankyou :)

  19. Yahya Elhirchiy Yahya Elhirchiy

    Hi how can i run this app in windows 10

  20. Tip: f you've a rooted Android device, you can use Wifikill app to achieve this. It's not on the Playstore but you can google for the apk.

  21. i can't open it
    it says problem registering the driver
    please help me
    and I wish you send me the reply

  22. Jack Jack

    I have a question though... When we set the desired upload and dl speed that we want.. does it need to maintain the app open or it will remain the settings eventhough we turnoff pur computers...


  23. Ashim Ashim

    can’t run selfishnet:(ncap installed on device)
    I can’t install winpcap because winpcap installer states a newer version of winPcap(internal version is already installed on the machine.. and stuck with the same error of admin rights and problem with the driver

  24. ogy ogy

    This app is useless when it comes to limiting bandwidht.

  25. randomname randomname

    uh hi ... i got a problem .. exe keeps getting deleted on its on and i keep having to keep extracting it from the main winrar file.. i allowed it in my windows defendor and it still keeps getting deleted i dont know the reason

  26. moh magdy moh magdy

    it was working properly for months but suddenly when i open it it limits my own speen to 30k/s i still can limit and block other people but my own speed is limited to 30kb/s wtf !!

  27. Ben Ben

    when turned on and spoofing all connected devices lose internet access so unable to limit anything

  28. Hanjin Hanjin

    Its working! Thanks! Btw how to save those settings that i've done? Does everytime that i shut my pc it goes back to normal?

  29. Maqa Maqa

    I have a 404 page not found problem. pleas help me :(

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