We had covered about RankTrader in one of the earlier posts. For those of you who are unaware of it, RankTrader is a stock market for websites. It allows webmasters to offer virtual shares of their website which the general public can buy and sell. The total authority of the site will always remain with the webmaster only, however.

Since the last post was made, RankTrader has grown a lot. Now, there are many sites listed on the marketplace and one can find lots of reviews regarding RankTrader on the web. There are also documentations to help you learn along the way. But, if you are a complete newbie to the whole share market scenario, you might need to google and learn the basic stuff.

RankTrader is currently in Beta. Therefore, the money that you can use to trade shares is still unreal. You can join RankTrader and start playing on the marketplace without having to invest any thing. This helps the interested webmasters/investors to get the hang of the process and to learn how it works.

As RankTrader is quickly moving onto a new phase, and possibly out of Beta, it has brought along a lucrative offer for those webmasters who have not had the chance to join the marketplace yet. Starting right now, any webmaster who joins RankTrader and lists his or her site on the marketplace will earn some easy money. Once RankTrader is out of beta, webmasters will need to invest their own real money for capital, trade etc. However, if you list your website right now, you will be rewarded with 50 Euro worth of vShares when trading with real money begins. That means, you can take part in the real money trade without having to risk any money from your own pocket.

Bottomline : RankTrader provides you the investment money, which you can utilize to make profit.

As for us, Thelacunablog.com has been listed on RankTrader for a while now, and we are doing pretty good. The only thing you need to focus on in order to get investors on RankTrader is to improve your site’s quality. Post good contents, bring traffic and you’d have lots of potential investors. An investor is interested on a website that has good stats. So, work on improving your site to reach the top of RankTrader Marketplace.

If you haven’t already joined RankTrader, you can do so by using your Facebook, Twitter, Google + or Windows Live account. The process is easy and instantaneous.

Go on give RankTrader a try before you miss-out on the opportunity to make some free money.

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