A little late in sharing this wonderful news. If you don’t know yet, JetBrains, the developer of awesome IDEs like IntelliJ IDEA and PhpStorm have made their products free for students. And guess what? This is unlike other free-for-students offer. Most of the free-for-students discounts are limited to students of US university and colleges only. The way to check whether a person claiming to be a student to avail these sorts of discounts is in fact a student or not, is to make him use his university provided email address.

Only educational institutions can get their hands on a .EDU suffix and that makes sure that the person using the email address that ends in the edu suffix is in fact a student. But, the problem is that, a .EDU extension is meant for US colleges and universities only. And so, most of the free offers are limited to students of the US only.

JetBrains however, is providing all of its products for free to students studying anywhere in the world, not just the USA. Yep, that means you can use your own local domain extension that has been assigned to be used by educational institutions only.  For example, Nepali students can make use of their own .edu.np email address to get the products for free. (I hope you’ve been provided one by your school/college/university.)

The free JetBrains student license is limited to a year, after which you will have to renew the license (and that’s free too).

Products you can get for free are:

        • ReSharper : Productivity tool for .NET devs
        • dotTrace : .NET Performance Profiler
        • dotCover :  .NET Code Coverage Tool
        • dotMemory : .NET Memory Profiler
        • IntelliJ IDEA : The most intelligent IDE for Java
        • RubyMine : IDE for Ruby and Rails
        • PyCharm : Powerful Python & Django IDE
        • CLion : Cross-platform C/C++ IDE
        • PhpStorm : IDE for Web & PHP
        • WebStorm : Smart JavaScript IDE
        • AppCode : Objective-C IDE

Go on now, apply for a free student license with your student e-mail address.

Lots of university domains are accepted by JetBrains. If yours does not seem to work, then leave them a comment on their blog post  (or contribute it yourself) and they’ll add it to the supported list. Anyone with a supported domain can get the license; be it a student or a teacher.

Don’t forget to share it with your friends & teachers. Happy coding! :)