This is a step-by-step, easy to follow guide on how to install WordPress on 000Webhost is one of the most popular free hosting provider, and although there’s an option on its control panel to install WordPress through one-click-installation script (Fantastico), it does not seem to work most of the time. So, here’s how you can manually install WordPress on the host.

First of all, download the latest WordPress version from here and extract the files.

Download FileZilla, SmartFTP or any other FTP client you like and install it on your computer.

Log in to your 000webhost account. Scroll a little down and click on MySQL.

Enter a database name, user name and a password to access the database. We are going to use this information to connect WordPress to the database.

You’ll see some information on the next page. Don’t close the page yet.

Open up the folder where you extracted WordPress files and look for a particular wp-config-sample.php file. When you find it, open it with Notepad, Notepad++ or any other text editors you have.

Now, fill up the information on the wp-config-sample.php file according to the information shown on the web page. (See the picture below)

The information from the webpage needs to go to the correct place, just take a look above and you’ll come to know. (For instance, texts from $mysql_host  go under /** MySQL hostname */ ) You need to do the same, take a look at the information shown on the web page, copy the texts individually and paste them inside the concerned bracket. If you don’t put the correct information here, WordPress won’t be able to connect to the database.

Further down the file, you will notice something similar to these :

You can copy the phrases to enter from here. Copy each key and put it on the respective place where it says “Put your unique phrase here”.

Once you are done entering all the information, save the wp-config-sample.php file and rename it to wp-config.php.

Once again, go to your 000Webhost account, scroll a little until you see View FTP Details and then click on it.

Now open up your FTP client, whether it’s FileZilla, SmartFTP or anything else and put the details on the correct field as shown below.


As you can see, I have used FileZilla for the purpose. Put the correct information on the software and press on connect. (You can leave Port text box as it is, or enter 21)

You’ll now see your site’s contents (files/folders). Go inside public_html folder.  Delete the default.php file from there.

Now, open up your WordPress folder, where you had extracted the zip file earlier and then select all the files, grab them and paste them inside public_html.

We are uploading all the WordPress files to the site. (See the pic below.)


 Let it perform it’s task. Do check the software to see if some of the files fail to get uploaded. If they failed to upload, re-queue them and make sure every thing gets uploaded. Once all the files get uploaded, go to and you’ll be done with the installation.


Note : I have installed WordPress on the root directory. If you would like to install WordPress on a separate sub-directory, for instance,, you’ll need to create a new folder inside public_html and upload all the WordPress files there as shown above.

Good luck with the installation, and let me know if you face any problem.