After months of downtime, my blog is officially back. The blog was doing good with much visits and posts but unfortunately, the server went down. According to, the server was closed permanently. Although I did get new name servers, they were also down in no time. So, I had no reason to rely on them. They could just close another one down for no reason. The worst part of it all was that I had no backup.

I should have thought better before relying on someone from hackforums. I would advise all of you, not to rely on or any one from Hackforums in that matter. Even a free hosting is better than the paid hosting advertised on HF. I had bought hosting for a whole year at once from, but unfortunately, neither the hosting was good nor they refunded my money. My website was down for almost two months and I didn’t get any support from them. They were just reselling hosting from another crap site. The site is managed by only one person who as it seems to me, has no idea about Hosting – reselling crap hosting is all that he knows. Believe me, your site will be down for most of the time and then again, there’s the server-closed-down-we’re-sorry-thing.

Click here to read the review of a customer who faced the same problems as I had.

Luckily, the host which is hosting my other site for free agreed to host this one as well. I was so relieved when I got reply from Nick (the owner of the host). I am grateful to him. As I have had no or little downtime with my other site, I hope this site will also be up for most of the time.

I have to start from scratch.

Bottomline : Never rely on or anyone from HF. They’re scam. BigWetFish hosting FTW!