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IFTTT Alternatives : Similar automation sites

Ifttt is a web service which lets user to create tasks which are performed when certain condition is met. We have already covered about Ifttt and some of its best recipes in one of our earlier posts. Whether you like Ifttt or not,  you might want to learn some of its alternatives or programs offering similar services. Well, I did find some sites claiming to offer similar services as Ifttt, but take my word, none of them seem as good as Ifttt (maybe because it's very early in their development). Besides, Ifttt is in beta and totally free while most of these alternatives are either in private beta, or are not free. Some of them, however, do seem promising - let's just hope they will turn out to be as good as Ifttt. read more

If This Then That : 15 Best IFTTT Recipes

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a relatively new web-based tool  that enables users to make tasks ("recipes")  that automate an action on a social media network or service once associated action happens in a very separate social media network or application. In simple words, IFTTT automates totally different functions that users would commonly have to be compelled to do by themselves. read more

Receive SMS when someone comments on your site (WordPress)

I had to work on this for days and now I think it's about time I release it. By following this tutorial, you will be able to receive free SMS alert every time someone comments on your site. This guide is specifically meant for WordPress sites, it could also be done on other sites but that's up to you (we are not going to cover it)! The service that we are going to use for the purpose is still in its beta stage, so that is the reason why you are going to receive SMS for free (US & International SMS, both). And yes, you can be certain that the service won't last long for free. read more