I assume you have already gotten yourself a .NP domain name. If not, you can read the process here.

Mercantile only lets you change Nameservers of your domain, however, services such as Google’s Blogger and Tumblr, require you to change A Record and CNAME, but not the nameservers. So, if you wish to use your domain name for hosting blogger or tumblr blog, then there’s only one alternative : to use third-party DNS service which supports A and CNAME records. Here’s what you need to do in order to use your .com.np domain with Tumblr.

  • We are going to use FreeDNS service provided by Afraid.org. So, first of all, register on Afraid.org and verify your email address.
  • Now, click on the “Domains” option on the right and select “Add A Domain into FreeDNS”.

Add domain on afraid.org

  • On the domain field, enter your domain name, and select “Private” on Shared state. Click on Submit.
  • Login to MOS, and enter the following Nameservers and click on Update :
Primary Name Server
Secondary Name Server
Tertiary Name Server
  • Now on Afraid.Org, click on  “Manage”  next to your domain name.

    Manage Domain

  • From the list of sub-domains you see, select the first one, which is without the leading “www” (i.e. subigya.com.np).

Select Domain

  • Select “A” under Type and enter following on the Destination field :

Select A Record

  • Click on save without making any other changes.
  • Now from the sub-domains list, select the domain with the leading “www” (i.e. www.subigya.com.np)**.

Select Full Domain

  • Select “CNAME” under Type and enter the following on Destination field : domains.tumblr.com

CNAME Record

  • Click on save without making any other changes.
  • Open Tumblr. Go to settings and select your blog from the list.
  • Put a tick mark on “Use a custom domain name”, enter your full domain address (with ‘www’) and click on Test your domain. If you get a message that says “Please change the CNAME to: domains.tumblr.com”, then the DNS propagation has not taken place yet. It can take up to 72 hours for the changes to take place. So, wait and try later on. (Note that, the maximum time taken for DNS propagation is 72 hours, however, it can take more time here, because Mercantile has to approve each of the NS change requests manually, so DNS propagation will not even initiate unless Mercantile okays it.)

Dummy Tumblr Blog

  • Once DNS propagation is complete, you will get an option to save the settings after clicking on ‘Test your domain’. After that, you can access your Tumblr blog by going to your .NP domain name and also, anyone visiting your old tumblr URL will automatically be redirected to your domain name.


**Note : If you wish to use a sub-domain for your Tumblr blog (for eg. blog.subigya.com.np), then all you have to do is, instead of changing CNAME of your main domain (i.e. www.subigya.com.np), click on “Add” on the sub-domains list and do as shown below :

Subdomain for Tumblr Blog