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How to Redesign your Old Website Effectively

Website Designs have undergone great changes during the past couple years. The two important reasons why we change them is to make them aesthetic, and navigable so that visitors can find information faster. Redesigning is a complex process. As a designer you will have to thoroughly analyze your visitors past behavior, the time they spend on your website and even their feedback.

Factors You Need to Consider Before Making Changes

Here are the factors you will need to take into consideration when redesigning your website.

  1. Change in visitors’ profile
  2. Change in demographics
  3. Web Design TipChange in audience
  4. Changes in business and competitors websites
  5. Introduction of new product lines
  6. Average time required for locating information
  7. Accessibility and browser compatibility
  8. Order in web page naming convention & changing URLs
  9. HTML5 compatibility
  10.  Code efficiency
  11. The need for flash, videos and graphics and more

If your website already has a huge visitor base, you will have to ensure that the changes aren’t too radical lest it drive them away or make your website inaccessible.

There is however a major factor that you can never afford to compromise and that is SEO compatibility and renaming your pages’ URL. Relocating pages within your website can be agonizing for those who have bookmarked your web pages on their browser. You should also understand that there may be hundreds of websites linking to your web pages and if you relocate web pages or rename your URL there is every possibility that your web pages may go incognito.

Make Changes in Small Tranches so Visitors don’t feel Overwhelmed

  1. Do not redesign your website for the sake of making changes. Making changes leave your visitors confused especially if it is drastic. As a general rule make changes in small tranches. You can make a beginning with the less significant pages like the registration, contact and about us and then move ahead to others. The reasons are, these pages are less frequently used and a new design will hardly matter to users.
  2. Keep the designing process independent from content. If you are not already following this practice, then it is time you made a beginning. The best way to start is by evaluating a content management system, also known as CMS. If your website is predominantly business oriented, consider Joomla or Drupal. If it’s a blogging website consider using WordPress, though the other two sites will also work as well. The advantage of WordPress is it’s made for blogging, and is easy to learn.
  3. The best of technologies is not necessarily the best for your website. The more appropriate way to choose a different design for your website is to check its compatibility with the general theme and content of your website. For example a website with slider for a faiths website may be ridiculous. Slider shows are better for stores that sell home articles where they need to display hundreds and thousands of items.

Test Your Redesigned Website before Uploading to Host Server

Website Design

One of the biggest mistakes that website designers commit is trying to do everything in a hurry. It is a matter of fact that what you design will always appear great in your mind. However, this not true always. To be effective you must consult neutral people and solicit their views. All this takes time.

Making changes to website on the host server though feasible is not advisable. So it is always prudent to do everything in your local computer, test it for different browsers, get opinion and then finally upload it. Designing takes time, and if you are doing it directly on the web server, you may unwittingly be presenting the wrong pages. You should avoid falling into this kind of pit.

Getting Professional Help Helps

It may be tempting to do your own redesigning if you know a little of this and that. It is best done if left to professionals, because they understand the latest trends, SEO practices and compatibility issues and more importantly the appropriateness of the theme to the kind of business for which you are planning a redesign.

Professionals can also help you stay within a prescribed budget. In addition they keep copyright materials ready for use and also know what and where to buy images and other requisites. Furthermore, they will also have their own team of experts in shooting photos and making graphics. They will also be able to give you a quote for redesigning, which makes it ideal for those who have limited resources.

Image Courtesy : By BWDCanada (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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