On this tutorial, I’m going to explain to you a method with which you can get unlimited US numbers for free. You could provide these US numbers to your friends/relatives or use it online and when someone sends SMS to that number, you would receive the message on your own local number. Confused? Simply put, any SMS sent to that US number will instead, get delivered on your own phone number. How are we going to do that? We will be redirecting the message to your own local number. This method will work for almost every country.


Update : This method no longer works. For a new guide, please see here.

First of all, go here.

Now click on Try It Free!

Enter the details and click on Create Account.

Check your email address, the password for your account will be sent there.

After confirmation, click on the Account Login button on the topmost right corner of the site. You’ll see the window as above, enter the login information and click on Login.

On the next page, click on the Create New Application button (See the image below).

Next, click on Tropo Scripting.

On the next page, you should see something similar to this :

Enter any name you like on the Tropo Scripting Application Name text box, it does not matter what you write.  Then on the What URL powers your app? section, click on the Hosted File link. Select Create a new hosted file for this application. (See the image below)


You should now get a popup window similar to this :

Here is where the trick lies. On the File Name, you may enter anything but remember to end it with a .php. For example, write lacuna.php or test.php or anythingyouwant.php. You must always end the name with a .php or it won’t work!

You need to enter the following code on the File Text section. Just remember to change +XXXXXXXXXXXXX to reflect your own real number, it is the number where the SMS’ will be sent to. International numbers are supported so enter your mobile number with a + sign and the country code.

message(”.$currentCall->initialText.”, array(channel => ‘TEXT’, ‘network’=>’SMS’,

After you have pasted the code on the File Text section, click on Create File.

Click on Create Application.  You should see something similar to this :


Click on the Add a new phone number link.

Select any state from the drop down box just beside US and Canada Local Numbers. You will have a phone number of that particular state. After selecting a state, click on the + sign just beside it.

That’s it. When you close this popup and return back to the page, you’ll now have a new Voice & Messaging number listed.

As you can see I have got the number (623) 738-4019. Now if you send any messages to +16237384019, it gets delivered to my local number out here in Nepal. You can add as much numbers as you want just repeat the process again and again.

Good Luck!