I have been waiting to write a review of HostLeet for quite a while now. It has been six months since I transferred to Hostleet, so I think its about time I spilled my beans.

Since I started blogging, I have been with three hosts, and without doubt, Hostleet has been the best one.

I learned about HostLeet from WebHostingTalk while I was searching for a reliable host that supported payments through unverified PayPal. Immediately after learning about it, I googled for reviews and ratings, but there were not much of it. Obviously, I was confused, as to what I should do next. I could not find many reviews, but of what I could find, there was not a single negative review/rating.

I was just starting off with my site and had not much money to spare, so I decided to take my chances with it as it is a very affordable hosting. I bought one year of its basic hosting at once making use of a 50% discount coupon. Looking back now, I think I made a very good decision of going with Hostleet.

Hostleet Review


It is the first thing you look for in a host. And I can assure you, Hostleet is very reliable.

I have also used Pingdom to keep track of the uptime of my site (Please note that Pingdom checks a site every 5 minutes, so you should not consider the downtime of 5-10 m). You can take a look at the reports here (See from October).


Obviously, the service quality depends on how well you are financed. HostLeet, however, provides you a top notch service at a very affordable price. Cheap hosts are not reliable, I agree. I have had my experiences with cheap hosts. But, Hostleet is an exception.

Webhosting Plans at Hostleet

Webhosting plans at HostLeet start from $2/month (if you buy hosting for a year at once). The annual cost of hosting is almost half of the associated monthly cost. So, in order to get maximum discount, buy one year’s hosting at once.  Then, make use of a coupon code.

First time customers can get 50% discount on any plan (one time only) by using the coupon code : Facebook.  Buy a year’s hosting at once making use of the coupon code, and you’ll get the starter hosting at just $12 for the first year.

If you buy a standard hosting (or higher) for a year, you’ll also get a domain name for free. That means a domain name + a year’s worth of hosting at just 30$. There’s also 25% recurring discount coupon available for old/new customers.

Customer Service

I have always liked small hosts, the ones with less number of customers, because I believe, when there are less number of customers, a company can interact with them properly and get to focus on resolving issues in a better way. I also think this is what is keeping HostLeet’s good reputation.

I have always received a quick response to my queries (within 24 hours, sometimes even in less than an hour). And the guys at Hostleet don’t just answer you with a simple yes or no. They go into details to help you. Once I was experiencing problem with the site’s speed. I sent a support ticket asking whether its a problem with the host. And though it could have been answered with a simple yes or no,  I received a reply from Juan (CEO, Hostleet) explaining to me that it was not a problem on the host’s part, how the problem could have occured, and how I could improve my site’s speed. He even suggested me the WordPress plugins I could use for the purpose. (Eventually solved; a WordPress plugin malfunction was the reason).

No matter who you are, whether a newbie or an experienced webmaster, HostLeet can work out for you. However, as of the moment of making this post, Hostleet only offers shared hosting plans.

I hope my review will encourage you to buy hosting from HostLeet. The service it provides is similar or perhaps even better and affordable than that of any other bigger host. I have been very satisfied with the service and I assure you, if you decide to go with Hostleet, you will thank me for the recommendation.