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How to hide your last name on Facebook?

I just came across this trick. Apparently, Facebook allows users from Indonesia to remove their middle name and last name/surname.  So, we are just going to use an Indonesian proxy to hide our last name/surname.

Look for a working Indonesian proxy out here or here. The ones with the higher up time and response are usually the working ones.

Go to your internet browser's proxy settings. For example, Firefox users will need to go to  Options > Advanced tab > Network tab and then click on Settings.

On the Connection settings, do as shown below (i.e Put a tick mark on Manual proxy configuration and then from the proxy list, put the information under IP address and Port on the correct field of Connection Settings) :

Put a tick mark on Use this proxy server for all protocols and Press on OK.

Now, browse to see if the proxy works or not. Go to to check that the proxy is working and that your location is now shown as Indonesia. If the website does not load or if your location is not shown as Indonesia, get a different proxy and repeat the above steps.

If you see Your IP Address Location as Indonesia, log in to Facebook. (If you are using secured Facebook connection, i.e. HTTPS, you'll have to use a proxy that supports HTTPS protocol.)

Look at the bottom of Facebook. You should see your current language there. Click on it.

Facebook Language

You will see a list of languages now. Select Bahasa Indonesia.

Select your Facebook Language

Now go to Facebook General Settings.

Remove your last name and/or middle name from there, enter your password and then click on Save changes.

Done. From now onward, you will only have your first name on your Facebook profile!

Note : Once you have completed the process, go back to Connection Settings and put a tick mark on No Proxy. Change your Facebook language to your desired one.


Google Chrome and Other Browser Users :

  • Go to run and type inetcpl.cpl. Press Enter.
  • Go to Connections Tab.
  • Click the button that says LAN Settings.
  • Put a tick mark on Use a proxy server for your LAN.
  • On the Address, put your proxy server address, and on Port put the port number that you received from the proxy sites above.
  • Click on Okay.
  • Follow the steps above from changing your language to Bahasa Indonesia.
  • After you're done, make sure to change your LAN settings to how it was before.

Update 3.31.2013 : It works!

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  1. Alice Alice

    This doest wooooooooooooork -_-

  2. N/A N/A

    not working

  3. Reese Reese

    it doesn't work now because facebook detected that it is possible

  4. Adi Adi

    not working lol

  5. Guys, it is working. You just needed to change your language. I have updated the post. Enjoy!

  6. FailGod FailGod

    it's still working! as of 2013! if the proxy isn't working for you then, google "proxy list indonesia" and click the first link. you'll see lots of proxy IP for indonesia. don't forget to change your language to bahasa. (you can also change your profile's facebook link username this way!)

  7. Sid Sid

    (y) worked. Thanks.

  8. Masum Masum

    Great tricks! You made my day mate :)

  9. CreatorUnknown CreatorUnknown

    I have a Chromebook. Can I still do this? I know I may be a bit late but just wondering.

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