People picture a nerd with glasses, freckled face and without any liking to “fun”, when they think of programmers. But, they love fun and are as normal as you and I. The fun they put in their codes are called “Easter eggs”. They are hidden features put by the programmers without any official announcement, left for the users to find out. Programmers at Google, are a fine example. They sneaked in both officially and secretly some Easter eggs or what we like to call “Google Eggs” in their eye hurting codes of programs and apps we use EVERYDAY!,

 These are some of the Google eggs, which you might or might not have picked up.


 Buff Adder

The buffering is slower than your old neighbor? Have no fear, the buff adder is here. It has slithered straight out of the invulnerable Nokia 1100 to your HD monitor. Its a simple snake game that will glue you to your screen and make you forget there was a video buffering.

You can launch this by holding up and left key at the same time during a paused or a running video. Try it on YouTube!


 Droid of the Dead

Android, the renowned OS from Google that broke records has a simple secret hidden. Its either a zombie apocalypse, a jelly flinging game or just plain picture of a (mutated) food.

You can uncover this by navigating to Settings > About phone and tapping repeatedly at the Android version menu. In gingerbread (2.3), a picture of zombies with the green robot between them appears. In Ice-cream Sandwich(4.0), ice-cream filled android biscuits appear. In jellybean (4.1) a bunch of jellybeans are scattered on the floor which you can fling across the screen.

 Zerg rush

 The Google search page is comparatively minimal. No fancy menus, or any text clogging up the screen. So, the guy tasked to handle the page has not much to do (again, comparatively).

So, what better way to waste your valuable time?

Plant a Google Egg.

The programmers at Google planted a egg where, when searched for “zerg rush” gives you a hoard of ‘O’s eating your results. Click on the ‘O’s three times to kill them. More addictive than the overrated Call of Duty, I say.


 Did you mean “nag a ram”?

We are very familiar with the ‘Did you mean’ feature that tries to match your text with the most searched keyword. But, this egg is hardly noticeable if you were not told about it.

Nag a ram

An anagram means a word which has been jumbled to form another word. Like “swap” is an anagram of “wasp”. When you search for ‘anagram’ you get suggested with an anagram of ‘anagram’; ‘nag a ram’. If you search for “define anagram” it suggests you with “nerd fame again”, which is an anagram of “define anagram”.

 The Google calculator

Too busy to lift your butt up to get the calculator just an arms reach away? Google is your friend.

Search for 1+2, you will get 1+2=3.

Search for, “the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything”, you will get 42; A homage to Douglas Adams’ novel, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. Search “the loneliest number” and you will get “1”. More awesome searches: askew, let it snow, Christmas, binary, ASCII art, Conway’s game of life.


Image Courtesy : By Lotus Head from Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa ( [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC-BY-SA-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons