Are you tired of checking your Analytics data everyday? I am.

Keeping track of your analytics data is necessary in order to understand your audience’s habit, effect of google algorithm update (if any), and lots of other miscellaneous stuff. A thorough investigation is required to understand these data and most of us might not want to go through each and every details all the time. As a matter of fact, I check only four data everyday : Page Views, Visits, Visitors and bounce rate.

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This method lets you receive daily report of Google Analytics’ data via SMS. By default, it sends only three details on the SMS : the Pageviews, Visitors and Bounce Rate. We are going to make use of Google Calendar in order to send the SMS, and the number of characters are very limited (about 60). Therefore, I have chosen to send information of 3 necessary fields only. If you want, you can easily add extra information or remove existing ones.

Steps Involved

  • Click on the wrench icon on the top right and go to “settings”.

Google Calendar Settings

  • Go to the Mobile Setup tab, insert your mobile phone number, and click on “Send Verification Code”. You will receive a code within a minute or two. Insert the code on next field and click on “Finish Setup”. Click on Save once you are done.

Mobile Setup

Make a copy

  • You’ll be asked to give it a new name. Enter anything you like.
  • Now, go to Tools > “Script editor…”

Script Editor

  • Click on “Use Google APIs…”

Use Google API

  • Click on “Google APIs Console” (see the image below.)

Google API Console

  • Click on the “OFF” button next to Analytics API. Now the button should turn to “ON”.

Google API Console - Services

  • Go to the “API Access” page by clicking the link on the left. Copy the text next to “API key” (see image.)

Google Console API Key

  • Paste the copied text on the earlier window (as shown in the image) and click on the “off” button next to Google Analytics API so that the button turns to “on”. Also, select v3 from the drop-down list next to it. (See the image below.)

Google APIs Services

  • Click on OK.
  • Go to “Resources” > “Current project’s triggers…”

Current Project's Triggers

  • Click on the link that says “No triggers set up. Click here to add one now.”

No Triggers

  • Select the fields from the drop down list as shown below. If you want to receive the report at another time, you can change the drop down list selection that says “8pm to 9pm”. Click on Save once you are done.

Setup a trigger

  • Go to the “Select function” options at the top and select “run”.

Select Function

  • Press the Run button.

Run Project

  • An authorization notice should pop up. Click on “Authorize”.

Authorization Notice

  • There should be another popup asking for authorization. Click on “Grant Access”.
  • You might need to press the Run button once again.
  • You should receive the SMS report within a minute.

That’s it. All the process including authorization is required to be done only once. Now onward, you will receive an SMS report everyday which informs you about the daily page views, visitors and bounce rate of your website.

Google Calendar sends only a limited number of SMS each day (not sure how much) so that no one can abuse it. An SMS report a day sounds pretty good to me, but if you want to receive SMS at a specific day or once a month or at any other time period, you have to change the trigger’s period and also edit the StartDate and EndDate on the coding.

I sincerely hope there is not any bug in the coding, but if you do get into any trouble, I’m always here.

What do you think of it? Will it be of any help to you? Comment below to share your view.