There’s a nifty feature on Google called Google Alerts which allows you to search for a text on Google and sends you an email whenever your query is found on Google. In Google’s words, Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your queries. Here, I’ll mention a way to monitor the Internet for your articles or web-contents, to check if they have been plagiarized or not. We will be using the same Google Alerts feature to do so.

You just need to go to

On the Search Query field, type some part of your article that you want to be monitored on the web by Google. Choose whether you’d like Google to search it on Google Videos, Books, News or on the web as-a-whole. Then select how often you want Google to search for it and how many search results you want Google to make. Lastly, provide an email address and Google will email you whenever your article is found on the web. You can then easily contact the Webmaster to take the content down or file a DMCA report.

You can use Google Alerts for lots of things – you just have to think of it. For example, you could monitor the backlinks of a competitive site so that you’d be notified whenever the site gets a new backlink. For that, you’ll need to enter on the Search Query field.

There’s also an Alert feature on Yahoo but Bing does not seem to have one.