For those of you unaware of it, DreamSpark is a Microsoft program wherein students are provided with Microsoft products at no charge at all. To make use of this facility, you need to verify that you’re infact a student. There are a number of ways to do this, but using a .edu email is the easiest one. This proves that the person is in fact a student since a .edu email address is assigned by a education institution and isn’t open to everyone (not true all the time, as you will read below.) In this article, you are going to learn how you can get a DreamSpark account for free.

Once you get into DreamSpark you can get genuine license keys of several of Microsoft Products. These products are limited. However, if you do get a Premium DreamSpark account, then you’ll have access to almost every Microsoft product that’d ever be useful to you. I do have a Premium DreamSpark account assigned to me by the MSP Representative of my college, but on this particular post, we are going to talk about normal DreamSpark account, and not the premium one, because the premium one is not so easy to get.

Anyway, what we are going to do here is get ourselves a .EDU.VN email. The education institution is apparently using Outlook to hosts its email, and has made registrations open to anyone. So, we are going to get one for us, and then use it to register on Microsoft DreamSpark. That’s it.

After logging in to DreamSpark, you’ll be able to download some of the products (including Visual Studio Professional 2013, SQL Server 2014, Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Ultimate etc), and also get genuine serial key for each for free.

First of all, sign up for an email. It’s just a regular signup, nothing difficult. Once done with that, head over to DreamSpark registration page, and sign up for an account. Immediately after the registration is over, you’ll be provided with a list of options to verify your academic status.

DreamSpark Academic Status Verification

Select “I have a school email account” and on the text boxes, enter the email address that you have created above. Click on verify.

Go into your inbox (i.e. Outlook of the email created above) and you should have received a confirmation email. Click on the verification link included within the email and your DreamSpark account will be verified.

Now, open up Software Catalog and you will be able to download some of the developer/design tools for free. I have no idea how long the university email will be open for registration, so make use of it as soon as possible.