A virtual credit card (VCC) behaves the same way as a traditional credit card does. The only difference is that you can only use it online (and it is ‘virtual’ as opposed to a ‘plastic’ card). There are many services that provide you a virtual credit card so that you can use it without having to attach your bank account or going through any complex process. Entropay, was a similar service which provided free virtual cards to the users. You just needed to create an account to receive a free virtual credit card of your own, but it stopped the service due to users registering just to misuse it. It now requires users to load their accounts with some money before they can get a VCC. The site I’m going to introduce to you today not only behaves the same way as Entropay, but also gives you your own free VCC just after registering on the site.

Note : You need to provide your telephone number to the site. It calls you to verify your identity. If you’re not okay with that, no need to go through the tutorial. Just read something else :)<

Steps Involved

  • Sign Up on the site. Make sure that you provide your real phone number since you’ll receive a call on your phone. 

  • Press on Call me. You’ll receive a call on your phone.  While on the phone, you’ll need to enter a personal 4 digit pin. That same PIN will be asked every time you try to login on the site.
  • Now log in to the site. (The password is the PIN number that you had entered on your phone i.e. on step 2)

  • It will ask you to enter your name and email address. Fill up the form and click on Save.
  • Just after pressing Save, you’ll get your Virtual Credit Card.


Remember, the card is not pre-loaded with money. If you need to make online purchases, you can load money into the card by using the traditional credit/debit cards or through a voucher available on the site. It’s more important to guys like me who don’t have an international credit card and thus are not able to make use of different offers and deals. A particular place where this might come handy is while advertising on Facebook. Suppose I received a Facebook advertising coupon. Now, Facebook requires you to enter your credit card details before you can make use of an advertising coupon. I can now use the above virtual credit card to authorize my account without any hassle.

And for those of you who are wondering, no, you cannot use it to verify your PayPal.

 UPDATE  : You cannot use this VCC to activate your Facebook advertisement account. That is because, Facebook, PayPal and most of the sites, charge some money to your credit card for verification purposes. They later refund the money to your credit card. So, unless you load your VCC with some money, most of the sites won’t accept it.