MSN has teamed up with Skype to give away credit vouchers worth Euro 1.53 to users from UK and Ireland. Users need to download an application from MSN which when run on their computer, will generate an unique skype voucher. Although the giveaway is only meant for users from UK and Ireland, we can easily bypass the limitation and make use of the voucher even if we do not belong to any of those countries.

UPDATE #1 : You now need to use a UK VPN for it to work. I have updated the post with the extra step you need to perform.

UPDATE #2: This method does not work currently! Skype has suspended the offer temporarily. The site says its because of some technical problem (we know what they mean, though :P). They might improve the software and make it difficult to bypass now. We just have to wait and see.

UPDATE #3: Although the site is back online, this method does not work at the moment. Sorry.

Here’s a detailed guide on how you can get yourselves unlimited skype vouchers for free. You just need to rinse and repeat!

  •  Go here. Put some text on the text box and click on Submit. Now click on the Claim your credit button.

Claim Skype Credit

  • Skype Voucher.exe will be downloaded to your computer. Do not open the file yet.
  • Now go to Control Panel > Clock, Language and Region.
  • Click on Change Location.

Change Location

  • Select United Kingdom from the drop down list.

Change current location

  • Go to Administrative tab. Click on Change System Locale. Select English (United Kingdom) from the drop down list. Click on Ok.

Change System Locale

  • You will be asked to restart your computer. Click on Restart.
  •  Next step is to get a UK VPN Network/Client. I am going to use’s service (you can use the same method). Go here and follow the instructions depending upon your Windows version. The user name and password for the VPN connection can be found on the main page (under VPN for UK Account Information.)
  • Once you have made the connection, open up the Skype Voucher.exe file that you had downloaded on the first step.
  • Enter your email address on the text box and click on next. You will receive a voucher code.

Skype Voucher

  • Close Skype Voucher.exe.
  • To redeem your credit, go here and enter your voucher.


For unlimited vouchers, you have to do as mentioned below :

  1. If you are on Windows Vista / Windows 7 or 8, download this software. If you are on Windows XP, download this instead.
  2. Disconnect the VPN connection you made above.  (Control Panel > View Networks status and tasks > Change adapter settings > Right click the VPN connection you just created and select Disconnect)
  3. Open the software that you have downloaded on step 1 (i.e. Mac Address Changer).
  4. On the software, choose your network adapter from the drop down list (Under Step 1).

MAC Address Changer


  1. Select your Operating System under Step 2.
  2. Click on Randomize button.
  3. Click on Change.
  4. Go to your Network Connections ( Control Panel > Network and Internet > View network status and tasks > Change adapter settings.)Disable Connection
  5. Disable your internet connection (by right clicking on it). Wait for 3 seconds and then enable it.
  6. Now connect your VPN connection you had disconnected earlier. (Right click on the connection > Select Connect.)
  7. Once the VPN connection says connected, open Skype voucher.exe, enter your email address and click on Next. You’ll receive a new voucher.
  8. Repeat the process from step 2; you will receive a new voucher every time.

Note : You can  redeem only 5 vouchers in 30 minutes. Try again in a few hours or the next day since Skype might have temporarily suspended your account because you tried to enter all the vouchers in a row. Also, please keep in mind that you must redeem the vouchers by August 31, 2013.