Spoofed SMS’s are pretty useful in some cases, not just to play pranks on your friends but also to message others when you don’t have enough balance on your phone.

What does SMS spoofing mean?  

You can send an SMS from any phone number you like. That’s what it means. No, really, you can send your friend a text and make it seem as if he sent it to himself (i.e. you can make his number appear on the FROM field of the text message.) Pretty cool, huh?

Here I am going to list some of the sites that allow you to send Spoofed or Fake SMS without having to pay any money.


AfreeSMS is the best site to send spoofed messages for free. However, it is less reliable than SMSGlobal and Lleida. You can send unlimited number of spoofed SMS without having to register on the site. Just enter the message, the phone number of the receiver and a number you’d like to spoof.

Note that you can only spoof phone numbers, not any texts.



Sign up on the site and you will get 25 credits for free. Depending upon where you want to send the message, you can send about 20 free SMS with those free credits. And once your free credit is all consumed up, you can re-register with a new phone number and get another 25 credits again.

After you sign up, you should receive a password on your phone with which you can login  to SMSGlobal.

Login to SMSGlobal.

Click on Send SMS to Number on the right side bar.

On the new page, enter the receiver’s number, the Sender ID you’d like to show for the text, both in international format (i.e. +Country code and then the phone number) and then fill up the Message field with your message and click on Send. If you select Sender ID under Reply To, your fake number will be displayed as the sender, however if you select Email, the SMS will be sent from a different number (and if the receiver replies to that number, you’ll receive it on your email.)



[alert-announce]Update : Lleida have changed their website, so the guidelines mentioned here might not work with the new interface. Also, they now provide free account to users of certain countries only. Sorry. Give it a  try, might work on yours.[/alert-announce]

I had to personally go through a huge list of sites before I came across this awesome site. It is much better than both the sites above in the sense that it allows you to put a text on the SENDER ID. That means, you can send SMS from a text rather than a number. You can display your name as the sender!

You get 20 credits just for registering on the site. As before, register again with a new phone number if you’d like to send more fake SMS’s.

Register on the site. You’ll receive a code on your mobile number.

Enter that code on Free account code text field and click on Send.

Now, check your email. You should have received an email from Lleida with your Client account username and password.

Go here and login with the client account username and password that you have received on your email.

Enter the message you’d, the receiver’s phone number in international format and fake sender ID (Both texts and number supported). Then click on Send.




You can send one SMS after registering for free.

Register on the site, you’ll receive a code on your mobile, enter the code on the site and validate your account.

Login to the site and you’ll be able to send the SMS.

The site claims that you can complete FREE surveys and get more credits, but I haven’t been able to get any surveys at all.



You get one SMS credit for free.

Register and Log in to the site. Then like them on Facebook.

Now go to the free credit application on their facebook page. You should see Click here to get one free credit written there.

Click on that link, and you’ll be able to send one spoofed SMS for free (supports  numbers only).


Please comment below if you know any other free SMS spoofers.