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How to get free SMS alert everytime you receive a new email?

Here's how you can get SMS alert for free, each time you receive a new email on your Gmail account. This method  works with Gmail account only. If you don't have a Gmail account, you can easily create one and then forward the mails from your other accounts to your Gmail account. The SMS works for notification purpose only, you cannot use it to read the whole e-mail. I've explained why, later on at the end of this post. Since the SMS comes directly from Google, you can be quite certain that this will work worldwide. Google Calendar provides an option to send reminders on a particular date/time to your mobile phone as an SMS. We are going to use an application which will create a reminder on Google calendar each time we receive a new email on Gmail. Hence, each time you receive a email, you'll receive an SMS too.

Let's start.

1. Configuring the Google Calendar

As mentioned before, we are going to use Google Calendar to send the SMS, therefore we need to configure it at first.

Go to Google Calendar and in the upper right hand corner, click on Settings.

After that, select Calendar Settings and go to Mobile Setup tab.

Select your country from the Country drop down list and enter your mobile phone number on Phone number field. Then, click on Send Verification Code. You should immediately receive an SMS from Google. Enter the code you just received on the Verification code field and press on Finish setup. You should now see a green sign saying your phone number has been successfully validated. Click on Save.

2. Register on Google App Engine

Open the Google App Engine and login by entering your Google account email and password.

Click on Create Application.

If it is the first time you are visiting the App Engine, you would be ask to verify your mobile number just like before.

Enter your mobile number in international format (for ex. +977XXXXXXXXXX for Nepal) and click on Send. Just because your carrier or country is not listed on the drop down list does not mean you won't be able to receive the verification SMS. If your carrier or country is not listed, select Other and enter your mobile number.

Now, you need to enter a name for your application. The name has to be unique; enter anything you like. Leave the other fields on the page as it is, do not make changes or enter anything other than the Application identifier. I've entered thelacunablog as the application name (or identifier.)

Click on Create Application button. You should see a message saying Application Registered Successfully. If you don't see a similar message, try coming up with a unique application identifier name.

From now on, whenever you see thelacunablog on this post, you should replace it with your application name (or identifier.)

3. Download the application code

Download the application code from here.

Extract the files, for ex. to D:/mail2sms. Then, rename the folder to represent your application name, for ex, in my case, D:/thelacunablog

Now, go inside the folder (i.e thelacunablog) and find the file app.yaml. Open this file in any text editor.

In the first line of the file, replace mail2sms with your application's name. As you can see, I have replaced it with thelacunablog.

Save the file.

4. Download and install Python and SDK

The next part, you just need to download and install two programs.

Download Python from here and install it.

Then, download the SDK Google App Engine from here and install it.

After downloading and installing both the programs, run the Google App Engine Launcher. You should see the program's icon on your desktop or look for it in the Start menu.

5. Deploy the application

Start Google App Engine Launcher from your desktop. Click on File > Add Existing Application

Click on Browse and select the folder that you just  renamed (i.e. the folder that contains the application)

Click on OK and then click on Add.

Now we are ready to deploy the application. Click on the Deploy button.

In the next window, enter your email and password. Then press OK.

You'll see a new window and a bunch of texts on it. Wait till you see Process exited with code O on the window (See Below.)

If you see Process exited with code O then the application has been successfully deployed. You can now close Google App Engine Launcher.

6. Configuring the application.

 Open your web browser (Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc) and go to your applications page.

In my case, it is

Click on Settings once you get there.

You might be asked to login to your Gmail account. Just login to your account.

Now, the final part is here.

Enter your Email and Password as shown below. Don't forget to mark the check box on Email 1 and Enable SMS.  Then Click on Save.


Try sending a new mail to the email address you mentioned above and you'll get an SMS within a minute.

You can enable the night mode if you don't want to receive SMS during night (or any specific time), but you have to specify the time zone properly. We are using Google Calendar in order to send the SMS. So, you'll only receive SMS of length 116 or around, you won't be able to receive all the texts on the e-mail. That's why this method is meant for an SMS alert and not for checking your emails. If you want to see some excerpt of the e-mail anyway, you can click on The Contents check box. You may also mention the Twitter Profile Name or RSS feed link if you want to be updated when someone makes a post on Twitter or on their website.

If you use other mail providers than Gmail, you can always forward those mails to your new Gmail account and hence, receive SMS alert whenever a new email comes to your inbox, be it in Gmail or any other mail providers. One more thing you could do with it is, you could use the gmail address as your primary address on Facebook and receive SMS alert for any new notifications on Facebook.


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  1. GeteNotes GeteNotes

    You can also use binu sms app to get sms notifications.

    • Ashwin Ashwin

      hey the best way to get the SMS alerts for new email in your Gmail account is to use

      It works very fast and it sends out SMS text message to your mobile number whenever you get email in your inbox.

      • Hi Ashwin, thank you for your comment. Weekwill is not free, whereas the above method is.

  2. It doesnt send word. It 0nly sends loggin inform. It doesnt send tag,like,comment etc...

    • SkNepal SkNepal

      I take it, you have used it to receive Facebook notifications and that you didn't receive the whole message. I did point out that earlier; you won't receive the whole text but you can certainly receive some of the texts. You have to put a tick mark on "The Contents " check-box under "Specify information to send", to receive some of the texts. (While you are at it, try to remove tick marks from other check-boxes as they take up much space of your SMS.)

  3. Ciobix Ciobix

    Your email is clear on -> Logs.

    • SkNepal SkNepal

      Never noticed that. haha.

    • Hi, thanks for the comment! I appreciate it.

      And yes, your guide is the source of mine. In fact, it's about the same; you could say that I re-posted it. So, you are the one to be thanked. Thanks for taking your time to create such a wonderful application and allow people like me to make the most of it. :)

  4. Darren Darren

    i can't understand why this will not work. I've been through dozens of Google API guides and this is the first one that actually utilises the app creator rather than just Google calandars and Gmail filters

    has this services stopped working? i followed this guide to the letter and still NOTHING

    • Hi Darren, it is working fine. Can't be of much help without knowing the exact problem, sorry. Why don't you make a new Google account and then give it a try?

      • Darren Darren

        I used the old version of the Google App Engine (1.6.3)

        I have now updated to the latest version (1.7.2)

        Will this have any effect? Also I happen to know my mobile network does not actually have a carrier (GiffGaff) even though I can receive Google calendar reminders. The SMS does just not seem to work. Will try again ..

        • Darren Darren

          I forgot to ask - does this even work in UK? You are from Nepal I see

          • If it works in Nepal, it should certainly work in the UK. As far as I know, Google Calender's SMS reminders get delivered to every country, there's no country specific restriction. So, it must be a problem with your mobile network.

            Try the Gmail to SMS recipe of IFTTT if you still cannot get this to work.

            Edit : Did you say you receive SMS reminders? If you receive SMS reminders from Google Calender, then there isn't any reason why you should not receive SMS through this app because it just puts your emails on Google calender, nothing more.

  5. Darren Darren

    emails are not being put on the Google Calendar for me. Manually created events appear but emails never do.

    I used the Google docs spreadsheet first time using the filters/labels script for Gmail. It was hit and miss. I will try a different carrier

  6. 02-12-2012 17:10 SMS sent
    02-12-2012 17:05 SMS sent
    02-12-2012 17:04 Settings saved.

    hello admin. log sms sent but' no sms to my phone.
    my phone is acvited.
    can help me

    • Hi! I'm not sure why you are not receiving SMS. I just tried it before posting this comment, and it worked for me. Sorry. Why don't you give it another try?

  7. hi i tried 2 acc gmail. i sent to 10 new mail. but only 2 sms to my phone.
    i don't know why?

  8. Darren Darren

    I have tried different networks and the emails *sometimes* get sent to my phone but hours after the email was sent.

  9. Charlie Charlie

    Thank you so much. It's working. (just add -s to THELACUNABLOG, making it THELACUNABLOGS to make the app available...

  10. ravi9329 ravi9329

    its not working... i dont get any sms when my email id receives an it does send me a sms as a remainder of my google calender events that i have made..... is it so that when ever an email is received, it makes event of that email to my calender..??? well what should i do...em not receiving sms...

    • Yes, if you read the post properly, I have mentioned that it puts your email as an event on Google calender. And Google then sends the SMS to you reminding you of the event(in this case, email). If you are not able to receive SMS this way, I would suggest you to use this Ifttt recipe instead.

  11. anysh anysh

    hey its very interesting..but i wonder ..can i get all the emails tthrough sms....??? i have a basic phone.

    • Hi Anysh, the type of phone you own does not matter. If your carrier is supported (& google supports almost all), then you should receive the SMS. But please note that only one SMS will be sent per email, so you won't be able to read the full email. It can only be used as a notification system.

  12. anysh anysh

    thanks a lot for this..i am gonna try it... :)

  13. anysh anysh

    i tried it but i do not get any i receive sms when i send email from my computer.?

    • Hi, yes, it should work even if you try to send mail to yourself by using another email address. I'm sorry if it didn't work for you. It does work for most of the users. I would suggest you to try IFTTT instead. You can use this IFTTT recipe to recieve Facebook Notifications as SMS and this one as an alternative for above post (You'll be able to receive mails sent to Gmail as SMS on your cell phone, just like above.)

      IFTTT : //

  14. ravi9329 ravi9329

    its working absolutely fine for me !! thank u admin for such a great info... i used it for facebook notification n it even shows me notifiacation type as like or comment or poke etc ... just need to check mark the contents only for this n notification is on the mobile as sms...

  15. ravi9329 ravi9329

    bt i wonder if this program coding by python contains ani malware coding that get my email informations or like password or send it to remote server .... can we fully rely on it... ??? reply plzzz

  16. kwhtre kwhtre

    The sms sending works fine, but I am wondering about the whitelist feature. Am I correct to assume that if I enable whitelist, then I will only receive an sms when I get an email from the one specified in the whitelist ?

    If I enable the whitelist I do not receive any e-mails. If I disable it then sms-in works fine again. Is there any additional stuff I need to set ?


    • Hi Kwhtre,

      Thank you for your comment. As I did not create the above app, I am afraid I cannot be of much help to you.

      I'd recommend you to send your queries to the creator. You can tweet or send a direct message to him, here. I'm sure he will answer to your queries.


    • David David

      kwhtre, did you get an answer on the whitelist issue?

  17. kwhtre kwhtre

    Hey Subigya,

    thanks for a fast response. I have in fact make it work in the mean time.
    If anyone else needs the same functionality, the whitelist is a filter. If you put an address on the whitelist then you will receive an sms only from that sender. - Works great and is exactly what I needed.

    Many thanks to the developer.


  18. thanks boss
    you had save my money

  19. thanks. very much.
    but i think all free is not stable and good.


  20. David David

    Is it possible to alert to only icomming mail listed on the whitelist only?

    • Hi David, if you see above, Kwhtre has answered your question.

      According to him/her, if you put an email on the whitelist, you will only be notified if you receive an email from that sender. Didn't it work for you?


      • David David

        Hi thanks for the help, but my problem seem sto be the same...I want to recieve only for the whitelist...but if I tick the box i dont get any SMS as he said in his enquiery? but I will recheck the fiter and the adress of i/c mail and see if I can see a problem?

  21. Ralwro Ralwro

    How does the twitter section work? Does it monitor twitter for updates from select accounts or do something different? Anything I put in there gets listed as an "Invalid query string: "

  22. akouna akouna

    I tried may time the procedure but all I get:

    "Hello world!"

  23. Amjad Amjad

    Thanks for such a nice Auto SMS Generating System.

    Auto Generation of Daily Sales & Target Reports and transmitting the same to sales managers through Outlook is our daily routine activity. Now by virtue of this web-page, I am now getting SMS alerts on my cell phone as soon as an email (containing Daily Sales & Target summary) is generated.

    Thanks a lot



  24. nagendra nagendra

    Thank you very.......much. Its a great application........

  25. I tried Subigya Nepal method a few times, but not successful. IFTTT is also not working for me.

    Then I tried MyTechTuts link, AWESOME!!!

    It's working now with MyTechTuts method.

    I believe it might be due to some setting somewhere or perhaps my geographical zone.

    Anyway thank you for both guy on your effort.

    Keep it up, Cheers!!!

    One Qns:- Since I got it working now, is there anyways to have only selective email to be SMS?


    • If you are using the method posted here, you just have to enter the emails on the whitelist field. If you are using the other method, instead of typing is:inbox in the Has the words text field, you can enter the email address. For example, if you wish to receive SMS for the emails sent from and, you can type the following on the Has the words field (note that OR is capital) : in:inbox OR

  26. Shreyas Shreyas

    Hey it worked for me . . . Thank you so much for the awesome Application . . It really is helpful for me . . I was just thinking that if some kind of application is there which sends SMS to the phone when any friend comes online on gmail or facebook ? ? I don't think it is available and if it is then please tell me . . Otherwise thank you once again for the above application .

  27. Dipankar rabha Dipankar rabha

    Getting problem error on the link I click settings........Error: Forbidden

    Your client does not have permission to get URL /settings from this server.How to slove ?

    • You are trying to access my app. is my app, which can only be accessed by me. You need to create your own app, by naming it something unique. Then you need to browse to the /settings of it.

  28. Brico Brico

    So I follow this and work for the first short email but the next much longer message haven't been received yet. Is there a limit like to 1 a day or something?

    • There is a limit of how many SMS' you can receive in a day. However, it does not matter whether a message is long or short because only one SMS per email is sent.

      • Brico Brico

        Hi, I am not receiving any new text since the initial one. What you think went wrong?

  29. Chris L Chris L

    Hi Subigya. This is a wonderful application, but my only concern is security risk as how do I make it private so ONLY that I can access the application because after all it has private information (email address and password). I noticed you achieved it with forbidden sign. Please can you help? Hope to speak soon. Cheers for this genius app! :)

    • Hi Chris,

      The application is already private. Try logging out of your gmail account and accessing the appspot URL, you will receive a forbidden message. An unauthorised user can only see your logs, not the settings; you have to login to your gmail account to see/change the settings. Thanks.

      • Chris L Chris L

        Hi Subigya. Thank you for your response! I really appreciate this and my mistake you are right it comes up with a forbidden message. I tell you something if there was a way to remove the email address the message was being recieved from it would be 100% perfect for my use. Do you know if this can be done as Contents is 95% - if only it didn't show my email account (not the senders one) wouldn't even need to check the original email. Please let me know if this is possible. Cheers, Chris. :)

        • Chris,
          As far as I know, its not possible. What this app does is grab the title/info of your incoming emails and add them on your Google Calendar. It adds the emails one minute after the current time, so that when it reaches the next minute, the event is automatically fired, and you receive an SMS.The latter part is not handled by the app, it's done by Google Calendar. The app just adds the info on the calendar, and nothing else. Unfortunately, we cannot make Google change the SMS notification template. The email is there so that you know on which email address you had scheduled the event. Sorry. I know it could have been better that way, but it's not possible as of now.

          • Chris L Chris L

            Not to worry, just thought would ask in case it were possible. I really appreciate you answering my questions. Thanks again for sharing this amazing free sms email alert setup. :)

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